Parker Treasure Hunt: February

The Parker Treasure Hunt is back for February! Clues will go out on KLPZ 1380am’s morning show every day, and then on this page (below) one day later. You’re looking for an item, hidden within Parker city limits, which has Lane’s logo on it. You can bring it to Lane’s and trade it for cash if you find it. Good luck!


2/2 – Why do we hurry, why do we run, slowing down is a lot more fun.

2/3 – Life is short, stop and wonder, think of what lies just under.

2/6 – In times of old, we didn’t think, life goes by in just a blink.

2/7 – Parker is a great place to be, don’t be looking near the trees.

We have a winner! Congratulations to Krystal H. for picking up the prize.

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