Viewfinder: Sometimes the Desert Does Gross Things

Like dropping a sudden plague of black beetles over the night sky, where they get attracted to the bright lights of a grocery store or gas station and end up being swept up by the thousands the next morning. Sometimes the desert does gross things.


  1. Sunny West

    Isn’t that the truth! Gross things.

  2. Carol Geary

    Very gross..Can’t stand it when they get in the mobile.
    Bug of the Month!

  3. Karen D. Trotter


  4. Lola Q. Brooks

    yuk,remind me of a caterpillar gross rod stuff,no so long ago

  5. Anthony John Moody Nelson

    Raylee Hatch this is what we were talking about as we left that I hadn’t seen in a while lol

  6. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    Not good for restaurant business. but i guess if we look on the bright side; at least its not scorpions or cockroaches… but the beetles are just as gross as cockroach. The beetle is not in Big River, but big river has zillions of little tiny knats or moths or whatever they are. you cant even sit outside or open your patio door. Must be from all the rain this year. Pest Control said these beetles are also in bullhead, needles, laughlin. so weird though that they are not in big river. guess they dont like California. BEETLE JUICE drink anyone?? ha ha…

  7. I think back in biblical times they called that a plague !

  8. Michael Bailey

    Anyone having to deal with millions of tiny brown bugs at your house too? I can’t get rid of them.

  9. Beverly L Bonney

    You can thank Fish & Game for all those tiny moths! They brought them in to feed some endangered fish….not enough of the fish to control the overpopulation of the damn moths. (at least that’s what I was told)

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