Schools locked down as suspect apprehended

Some Parker schools were locked down while law enforcement arrested a suspect armed with a knife Monday morning.

Parker High School, Wallace Junior High School and Wallace Elementary School were placed into lockdown as a precautionary measure, according to Parker Police Department.

“Law enforcement received information there was an adult male, possibly armed with a knife, running toward Parker High School,” according to a press release. “Once law enforcement was on scene, this male subject was taken into custody and we learned this male subject was just involved in a physical altercation and was armed with a knife.”

On May 5th multiple local agencies were involved in a large-scale school lockdown exercise, a drill planned out for months in advance and used for training. The exercise was held at Blake Primary School and involved well over 100 officers, first responders, teachers, volunteers and others, according to La Paz County Sheriff’s Department. The drill involved an ‘active shooter’, a threat to the school, and helps law enforcement and other agencies coordinate in the event of a real incident.

Monday’s lockdown was lifted and at no point was the suspect on school grounds, according to the statement.


  1. anyone know the suspects name?

  2. Clarice Freeman

    No, my Grandson is there! I hope this is just a drill and not some crazy person running around with no sense!

  3. Parker Live Updates

    Clarice- Did you read the article?

  4. Clarice Freeman

    Oh! Yes just commenting.

  5. Parker Live Updates

    Oh, just making sure you knew – this wasn’t a drill either. Just a man who had been in an altercation and had no known intentions with the school. 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Clarice Freeman

    Omy! Glad its over. Thank you Parker Live!

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