LISTEN: The Tube Float is back this Saturday!

The Parker Tube Float is back for 2017 with a whole new route! Starting at Buckskin Mountain State Park and floating along the Colorado River for 3 miles to the south end of La Paz County Park north of Parker, Arizona, floaters are in for a treat on Saturday, June 10th, 2017.

The new route makes for a shorter float, with after-float live music, food and drinks at the end in what the Parker Regional Chamber of Commerce & Tourism hopes will make for a new and improved event on the 40th anniversary of the original float back in 1977. Chamber Director Mary Hamilton told KLPZ 1380am the event should be safer, more enjoyable and better for the river’s regular users than any before it (listen by pressing the play button above – 40 mins).

A shuttle will be available for drivers, who will drop their group off at Buckskin Mountain State Park before driving their vehicle to the finish line at La Paz County Park and getting the shuttle upriver to join their group. Entry can be purchased online HERE for $20 per person. The rules can be found HERE. Information for volunteers are HERE.

All questions should be directed to the Chamber at (928) 669-2174.


  1. Merial Scott

    I hope they will have staff (boaters) picking up debris along the river so that it’s not still floating downstream.

  2. Float

    We are excited to attend the 40th annual float. We are all about getting everyone Float’n Check out the newest product to market. The 1st Multi-Use flotation device. Quality made in the USA. Coming to local retailers like “Spankies” coming soon. Parker and Havasu locations in June.

  3. The line for the tube float will have a Patrol Unit assigned to the end of the line at 1:00 PM. Any floaters who are not in line by that time will not be allowed entry after the La Paz County Sheriff Unit.

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