Houses on fire north of Parker


Three structures are a “total loss” after Wednesday’s fire in Lakeside 2, according to Buckskin Fire Chief Chris Chambers. Full update HERE.


Two, possibly three, houses are on fire north of Parker in the area known locally as ‘Bean Pot Hill’.

The houses, clustered between Captain Lane and Horizon Blvd, ignited sometime after 5 o’clock on Wednesday evening. Buckskin Fire Department, Parker Fire Department, CRIT Fire Department, Parker Police Department, La Paz County Sheriff’s Department, River Medical and others responded to the scene.

It is not yet known what the damage will be, or if anyone was injured in the blaze. Neighbors came out of their houses into the streets to watch as firefighters put down the flames and agencies joined the response.

Updates when available.

Additional photos below by Araceli L.


  1. Ray Benjamin

    Prayers for the families

  2. Mike Rowe

    Whoa Lawrence Cecchini bet you can see and smell the smoke…

  3. Crystal White

    I hope everyone is safe.

  4. Liz Black

    Prayers for the men battling structure fires in 108 degrees temperatures. Thank you all for your service.

  5. Sandi Du Vall

    Prayers for the families ????

  6. Shirley Copley

    My bad…I thought that was in Parker? Header said north of Parker. Man whats really going on with all the house fires lately? Hope everyones ok

  7. Tom Zimmer

    Lot of smoke up there. Saw it coming in to work

  8. Lawrence Cecchini

    Yes. It’s pretty heavy.

  9. Kim Hippen

    We are good thank you! Up the hill from us

  10. Yoly Meamber

    glad ur good. hope everyone is ok

  11. Mike Rowe

    Lawrence Cecchini anybody you know live there and I bet the smoke is killing Roni…. ok canceled the ins. on the PT today take care of her…she is a good little car…

  12. Annie Liles

    Prayer for the homewners and the firefighters.

  13. Ron Charles

    Looks like a ???? at big River don’t know where

  14. Samantha Anderson

    Everyone is safe and got out ok.

  15. Cynthia Rowland

    Ok. That’s one fire explained. What’s burning in town? I just got home about 15 minutes ago and it was burning bad. Buckskin fire was heading into town with lights, sirens, 2 trucks, and the fire chief.

  16. Nehal Kabrawala

    Sam one of them was Jan’s house that burnt down

  17. Samantha Anderson

    I know I went up there. I stayed there until about 7.

  18. Nehal Kabrawala

    Samantha Anderson I hope she is alright

  19. Samantha Anderson

    She seemed to be doing ok. Her family from havasu came down and her mom and sister were in 29 palms but the headed home. Her niece is going to set up a go fund me account.

  20. Jan Kastner Scott

    Prayers go out to all the family’s that loss so much

  21. Douglas Nordgren

    Saw the smoke all the way up in Havasu

  22. Debbie Wolf

    Prayers and love to all❤️

  23. Kassi Bird

    Austyn Bird look by the house

  24. Karina Deann Cesena

    I just moved out of that house next door to the one that burnt ???? in September. It’s scary up there.

  25. Karina Deann Cesena

    Beth Dalton look what house burnt down. Right next door to us. Wow

  26. La Paz laid off their Code Inspector… Dumb move La Paz supervisors! Not only did the Code Inspector bring in much needed revenue for the county but needless fires would be prevented.

  27. Shirley, it is North of Parker. The boundary for the town of Parker is only about 1 square mile.

  28. Prayers to Don and Dana Richardson that all is well with you. Too close for comfort. Uncle Frank

  29. Laurie Wise

    Bean Pot appears to be prone to structure fires.

  30. Tabatha Lee Van Denburg

    Thank you for every thing you guys did for my Auntie Jan. It was greatly appreciated

  31. Tabatha Lee Van Denburg

    Samantha Anderson I already set up her gofund me account. I posted it on her Facebook so if any of her friends are able to donate it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for everything you guys did last night

  32. Samantha Anderson

    I would do anything for her! She is truly one of my favorite people on this planet. Did you set up the go fund me page?

  33. Samantha Anderson

    Ok I’m going to share it. I had a few people say they wanted to donate.

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