Three structures lost in Lakeside fire

Three structures are a “total loss” after Wednesday’s fire in Lakeside 2, according to Buckskin Fire Chief Chris Chambers.

Photo by Araceli L.

“It started in a garage,” Chambers told Parker Live, “and then quickly spread to each trailer on both sides.”

The fire was driven by wind gusts on the hilly area, and worsened by the close proximity of the structures to each other, Chambers said.

The fire was fought by firefighters from four departments, with two water tenders and two utility vehicles from Buckskin, two engines from CRIT Fire, one engine and two water tenders from Parker Fire, and one fire engine from San Bernardino Fire.

Chambers said a separate fire started in a 5th-wheel in Big River, CA during the response on Lakeside, with firefighters leaving the scene to attend to the second incident.

“I’d like to thank the neighbors because they brought pizza for the firefighters, and Alyssa Young went and brought coolers of Gatorade and water for them too,” Chambers said.

Two Buckskin firefighters remained at the scene overnight to watch for re-ignition, and the process of checking its status will continue Thursday using thermal imaging.

There were no known injuries.

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  1. Barbara Babb

    Curious. What is Lakeside 2? When I lived there (70s-80) it was all “Lakeside”. We lived up the first one, steep hill behind the Bean Pot. So what is Lakeside 2?

  2. Lakeside 2 is up Lakeside Blvd, commonly referred to as “Bean Pot” or “Bean Pot Hill” because a restaurant called “The Bean Pot” used to be at the base of Lakeside Blvd and Hwy 95.

    Lakeside 1 is the area off of Beacon behind the bar with Lakeside 1A being off of Cove Drive, east of Highway 95.

    Lakeside 3 used to be the area west of Highway 95, now just a small cul-de-sac.

    Never could figure out where Lakeside 4 was, or if one even existed.

    Lakeside 5 is the area up Rio Vista Drive.

    The Lakesides used to be a HOA area, which was dissolved in the late 1970s. The public launch ramp on Riverside Drive at Cienega Springs belonged to the Lakeside HOA, but was deeded to Yuma (now La Paz) County when the HOA folded.

  3. Jim Ching

    I believe there was 4. 3 burned on Horizon and 1 on Captain

  4. My aunt lost everything. Very sad day ????

  5. Thanks for the info, we have a vacation house in Lakeside 5. I’m sorry for everyone that lost everything in this fire..

  6. BillyBob Jackson

    What burned this afternoon? Looked to be the same location of the three from yesterday.

  7. Concerned Resident On Beanpot

    I Have A Big Question For The City,County Of La Paz And State.. Why Is There No Fire Hydrants Any Where On Beanpot Everyone Pays For City Water So Why Isn’t There Any Fire Hydrants At All?? No Wonder Why When A Fire Does Start On BeanPot/Lakeside2 Its A Total Loss And It Spreads Quickly or Gets Out Of Control They Have To Stop And Go Fuel Water Trucks Up With Water Which Takes A Min Then Go Back Hell The Residents Have A Better Chance Of Putting The Fire Out There Selfs Just Drag Out All Your Water Hoses And Put A Pressure Wash Nozzle On So You Have High Pressure And A Straight Stream And Aim.. Isn’t Anyone Else Concerned About This? Or Wonder Why? Or Even Noticed There Isn’t No Fire Hydrants??

    So Here’s A Small Tip To Everyone Living
    Up River On Beanpot/Lakeside :

    If A Fire Does Break Out Near You or Next Door As Quick As You Can Get Outside Turn Water Hose On And Spray Your Roofs And House Down With Water And Keep Spraying It And Your Neighbors Roof If They Ain’t home And Tell Anyone Who Ain’t Doing The Same As You To Do This It Will Help Save Your Homes So You Might Wanna Make Sure You Keep Your Water Hoses Connected With High Pressure Nozzles On Them And Make Sure There Long And Easy To Get To At All Times ..

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