Viewfinder: Where boats go to die?

Desert near Parker.


  1. Terilyn Gary

    Naw just someone illegally dumping

  2. Lily Tiger

    If it’s the case, someone dumped it’s dead body back there ????

  3. Jack D White

    Somebody knows who that boat belonged to and needs to turn them in!!

  4. Lori Deysie

    Probably stolen, there one down between walmart an casino

  5. There are several of these I’ve come across while out riding in the desert and not one of them had the hull number intact. Before you all get too carried away, the one who might need to be arrested is whoever stole the boat and stripped it before dumping it in the desert. Even old crappy boats can be sold for a few hundred dollars.

  6. Lona Neda Nopah

    Didn’t this happen last year , they still , didn’t catch who did it so there doing it again, ol news ..catch them and you won’t see this .

  7. Hike around Big River. Lots of trash. Boats, etc. the desert is beautiful yet peeps be dumpin.☹️

  8. Alan Nelson

    A knowledgeable investigator could find the numbers on that and trace it back to the last owner.

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