Viewfinder: Tube Float 2017 Photos

With a new route and new finish area, the Parker Tube Float was all fresh for 2017. Parker Live was there, cameras in hand! (This page may take a little time to fully load.)


  1. John Taggy

    great time!! loved it!

  2. Thanks for the photos, John!
    Nice snaps!!!

  3. Lynn Sanders

    My friend was there this wkend and was in a boating accident.. we have yet to find her.. why isn’t there any media on this matter? Please help me to better understand

  4. Parker Live Updates

    Lynn we haven’t heard anything about this, please give more info.

  5. Lynn Sanders

    Parker Live Updates she was in a boating accident yesterday and the family hasn’t heard from her nor have they found her.. is Lake Havasu your jurisdiction ?

  6. Mary Hamilton

    The accident I believe you’re referring to was not in Parker.

  7. Mary Hamilton

    Parker Live Updates Copper Canyon

  8. Lynn Sanders

    Mary Hamilton it was at Lake Havasu

  9. Lynn Sanders

    Mary Hamilton have you heard any on that incident. Seems like no one is covering the story

  10. Fonzi Wayne

    I loved it , had a great time..
    Castle Rock shores had a huge event . A bit upsetting that locals weren’t used for the entertainment end tho.

  11. Fonzi Wayne

    Have you gone to the Havasu herald page ma’am ?

  12. Lynn Sanders

    Fonzi Wayne yes I have.. it didn’t have anything on there when I looked..

  13. Brent Golden

    Used to do this every year.

  14. Thanks John and Kieth for the pictures, we couldn’t make it this year but did for many years and volunteered our boat for security a couple of years to pay back for so much fun!

  15. Parker Az, is along the river. Lake Havasu Az is in a different area. Google it or map it. Just like bullhead city az ,fort mohave, laughlin az are in a different area. That boating accident has plenty of media and write up. Alcohol was involved as was people who pulled two persons out of the water, search was underway and continues for the girl, the boat was circling at high speed unmanned. Its unfortunate.

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