Scorching heatwave hits the Parker area Monday

The National Weather Service has issued a series of warnings and watch alerts in advance of a significant heatwave which began Monday and is set to last throughout the week. This extreme weather event is expected to challenge some records.

The peak will be Monday through Thursday, when the Parker area is forecast to reach high temps of between 118 and 124 degrees in the afternoons. But most of California and Arizona will be suffering along with us as the whole region will be under what meteorologists call a “heat dome”, an expanding and strengthening area of high pressure in the upper atmosphere.

Its epicenter will be the state of Arizona, where the temps will be watched closely to see if Sky Harbor’s record high temp of 122 holds up, and where normally cool mountain cities like Flagstaff will get close to the triple digits (up to 96 degrees is forecast for Wednesday).

Here in Parker, reaching 120 degrees is rare, despite many claims to the contrary. It happens only when multiple meteorological factors are perfectly aligned, and interestingly, occurred around this same time in 2016 with a similar heat dome ahead of monsoon season.

Sunday’s high temp was 116 degrees, with areas like Palmdale, CA experiencing record-setting heat and anticipating worse to come.

The National Weather Service urges people to stay in air-conditioned spaces as much as possible, avoiding the outdoors between 10am and 4pm as much as possible, staying hydrated, looking after pets and vulnerable neighbors, and helping each other out.


  1. Chuck Clements

    Tell me again why we love it here

  2. Lucky Lacey

    happens every year, for centuries, no big dealeo lol

  3. Terilyn Gary

    Yikes makes me afraid for when it really gets hot here

  4. Terilyn Gary

    Not really. 4 consecutive days of 120 degree weather here is an anomaly

  5. Dennis Martinez

    Wow, it’s always going to be warm there, and that’s why I am here.

  6. Lucky Lacey

    not that long ago, quartzsite lost power for 3 days, in super heat, all the markets lost there perishables, no fuel etc, nights cooled down to 110. 2nd day i bailed to blythe. got a air cond motel with a pool. now i have 3 back up generators & 2 auxilary air cond units.. not my first rodeo ha

  7. Csi Cindy

    Thank God I live in the foothills of the Rockies at this time of year! Otherwise… I’m in!!????

  8. Greg Parker

    Makes the paint dry time at Elite Customs that much more Elite-er.

  9. Csi Cindy

    There’s ‘warm’ … then there is ‘WARM’ ????????

  10. Clarice Freeman

    Too hot for me, I would not enjoy it.

  11. Alex Holmes

    Sounds like it’s calling my name. Floating on the boat with a 30 of them blue mountains.

  12. Brenda Gutierrez

    Glad I am in Minnesota now…mid 60’s all week with chances of rain…not coming back to AZ till October

  13. Yvonne Allard

    I will visit when it is cooler.

  14. Dawn Griggs

    Back in the day it was like this but not till August usually !

  15. Alex Holmes

    Yeah, I vaguely remember it getting to about 125 while in my moms van. I remember that god awful green with gold trim vehicle. ????

  16. Ashley Alarcon

    Rechelle Ashli Alarcon that’s it I’m moving to Fresno!!!

  17. Joe Lopez

    Damn! Can’t believe all the whinny ass SNOWFLAKES! Stay home Parker is full

  18. Rechelle Ashli Alarcon

    Holy crap! ????☀️???? I would die!!! I’m dying already today at it’s 100 I can’t take more than this lol

  19. Cindi Fletcher

    Glad we left last week.

  20. Maynelle Hottle

    I thought 110 here was hot????

  21. Sue Hills

    Ugh. Thank God for A/C!!

  22. Maris Poznanski

    Good old dry heat! Love it! Makes me home sick! ????

  23. Rick Shay

    I’m heading to San Fran tomorrow where it is 69 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Karen Donathen

    I’m glad I’m up in the high country! I’ll visit this place in the winter! ????

  25. Steve Goucher

    A balmy day in paradise!

  26. Tyler Nicholson

    Steve you’re missing out!

  27. Bill Holmes

    Thats cookin without a stove.

  28. It,s to hot here they can keep parker.I am going back to the cost back to the beach.

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