Brooke Water outage for Parker Dam area Tuesday

UPDATE 6/21: This outage has been postponed until tonight, Wednesday at 9pm through Thursday at 6am. Original story below.

Brooke Water is to have a planned outage Tuesday, June 20th from 9pm until 6am on Wednesday, June 21st affecting the Parker Dam area. The utility will be replacing its hydropneumatic pressure tank at the Parker Dam site, which is expected to require around 8 hours to complete.

Communities affected will include Moonridge, Polynesian Shores 1 and 2, Dam Hideaway and others, with approximately 190 services in the area.

The company will be providing potable and non-potable water in front of the water plant immediately to the north of Buckskin Fire Department at 3350 Parker Dam Road. La Paz County Public Works Department will be located at Buckskin beginning at around 7:30pm. Customers with special needs should call (800) 270-6084.

Hydropneumatic tanks are ASME vessels that contain both water and air under pressure. The compressed air acts as a cushion that can exert or absorb pressure as required. A small air compressor may be used to replenish the air volume periodically as it is absorbed into the water.

Locals should expect a lot of activity around the worksite including light standards, work equipment and approximately 20 workers.

For updates, Brooke Water can be found on Facebook at


  1. Karen Becker

    Great, here we go again

  2. Shirley Copley

    They’ve been sending emails about this for weeks & posting on their FB page…nobody should he surprised or not prepared. Besides most of the time is in the middle of the night.

  3. Karen Thompson Jones

    Thanks Sara I didn’t know

  4. Water water everywhere but up river

    Most of the time it is off as I am trying to get myself and kids ready for the day! No notification of when it is going back on. Return calls only half the time. Water has been off 4 times in last 2 months. Payment day late, water shut off. Yet you pay for water, but in reality your throwing dice on a craps table. Local workers seem good, just trying to keep water on. Customer service? What customer service……

  5. Water water everywhere but up river

    Nice work…..Back on before 6am!

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