Eggstreme Heat: 120-Degree Egg Challenge winner!

At KLPZ 1380am and Parker Live, we challenged you to cook an egg outdoors in the 120-degree temperatures and send us the results in pictures. And you delivered! Here are some of the most interesting results, captured on a day when Parker’s official high temp was 123 degrees. Winner announced at the bottom!


Cesar D.L.C. – 2 hr

Chuck H.

Connie S. – 1 hr 30 mins

Erin E. – 5 hrs

Jeanette L.

Mr. M.

Rebekah R.

Roberta J.

Tatyana V. – 1 hr

The winning entry, chosen by KLPZ’s quickly-selected panel of judges, was John L., who set his on a cinder block step in a frying pan and achieved a pretty decent sunny side up!

John L.

Congratulations to John, who’ll pick up a prize package which includes a KLPZ cooler bag filled with water, a cool banana split from Jumpstart’r, 2 tickets to BlueWater Cinemas and $25 in cash. And to everybody else who entered, thanks so much for your entry; you’ve proven that it’s hot enough to hear an egg sizzling on your sidewalk, and them’s bragging rights over your cold-state friends and family.


  1. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    I won????? Really? Seriously???? Oh wow!!!!!!

  2. Laynee Tahbo-Baran

    LOL!!! That’s AWESOME!!!! Check it out Junah Kim & Kelly Tsou Cook this is from my hometown???? HOT AF there????

  3. Danae DeLey

    good summer experiment for the kiddos

  4. Amber Cooper

    I’m so over the heat! ????????120. ????

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