Viewfinder: Fireworks spark brush fire

Fireworks at BlueWater Resort & Casino spark a brush fire Monday night. Photos via Eric T., Melissa W., Joy C., David L., Linsey M.


  1. Beverly L Bonney

    Second year in a row with a mishap! ???? maybe they need to rethink their setup??

  2. Tim Rouse

    As long as it wasn’t near Marina Village.. right Angela

  3. Danielle Michelle Dunham

    To my understanding, it was put on by a professional pyro tech company and CRIT FD had nothing to do w this one.

  4. Kathryn Mathewson

    I’m glad everyone is safe, we could see the flames from Walmart.

  5. Brooke Anderson Walker

    It was nuts!!! Super cool show besides the mishap

  6. Brandon Quinn

    I hear they are accepting applications. Maybe you should give it a shot.

  7. Araceli Larraga

    It was a professional pyro company that did them at the casino not Crit FD

  8. Celina Martinez

    Danielle Michelle Dunham thank you!

  9. Norma Catalina Gonzalez

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  10. Jim Ching

    Was the fire on the AZ or CA side? Only ask because I remember a few years ago,some of the brush on the CA side caught on fire.

  11. Luis Rivera

    It was in the az side James

  12. Jim Ching

    Luis Rivera ok thanks

  13. Richard Lopez

    No problem, no one hurt and no damage.

  14. Great show! We live in the dry desert of course there’s going to be a fire somewhere. Should have been watered down perhaps…..note it for next year. No one injured good news. All in all it was a great display of fireworks! Thank you to the Casino and whoever put on the show. ????????????

  15. Terilyn Gary

    It was a nice show. The fire made it a bit exciting and I’ll admit near the end I was thinking of what to do if things started exploding

  16. Renee Welker

    Can’t blame the Fire Departments if the ground clearances & brush control is not maintained !!!! Your just adding fuel for the fire if you have no proper fire clearances!!!!

  17. Kody Segal

    The set up will never make a difference if the brush isn’t removed.

  18. Shawn Patterson

    No one was injured, that I’m aware of. Can we really just be thankful for that? Too many good things, traditions have been taken from our town. I’m sure whatever the issue is will be resolved by the Tribes. It’s unfortunate that it happened. My concern is for the saftey of pyrotechnic crew AND the CRIT F.D. Accidents happen. If we have one more family tradition taken from our town then we’ll be complaining and bummed out. (At least I will be sad) Perhaps we should be part of a solution for next year? Be grateful no one was hurt. How bout next year we volenteer to clear brush? Just sayin’.

  19. Best show ever! Can’t wait for next year!!

  20. Dara Dara

    Joanna Howey yikes! we almost went to this

  21. Joanna Howey

    Scary. Typical for this time of year, firefighters must hate this holiday of any. People know its dry and unsafe but cause fires to break out anyway because IT’S THE 4TH OF JULY!!

  22. Danny Crayton

    If they can not stop starting fires then they need to stop doing it or find a smart way. Roadrunners fireworks are safe. Two fires in two years is not good.

  23. Greg Parker

    Great show and hope all are safe. I watched from Parker Strip area and couldn’t believe the amount of smoke. Thinking it was normal I told my daughter it was lit up orange from the casino sign lights. Little did I know.

  24. Saw it from a boat in the water. It started from large fireworks that weren’t launched high enough. No biggie, just a nice uncontrolled brush clearing. They should do that every year.

  25. Jane Kendall

    since the casino is on the AZ side and that’s where they held the show.

  26. Jane Kendall

    They as in the professional pyro company that did them I assume is who you mean by “they”. Because that’s who put the ignition to the fireworks.

  27. Danny Crayton

    Someone hired them are just as responsible.

  28. Joan Fleury

    Saw it from our back yard in Bluewater Lagoon .

  29. Amanda Randi Hale

    Randy Hale weren’t we just talking about this??

  30. “Follow these tips for the best 4th of July in Parker”…Amend/combine tips 4 & 5.

    4. See Some Fireworks and 5. Grill Some Burgers (on the open fire afterwards).

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