27 year old man drowns over 4th weekend

A 27 year-old man drowned at the beginning of the 4th of July weekend on the Parker Strip.

The victim was named as Matthew Bashaw, 27 of Phelan, California, a small unincorporated community not far from Victorville in the high desert of San Bernardino County. Matthew was with friends and family at Echo Lodge on the Parker Strip.

On Friday evening he swam to the bottom of the river to release a boat anchor and never surfaced, according to San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Corporal Jeffrey Cross.

“We’re still investigating,” Cross told Parker Live. “We don’t know if he had a medical episode or took in water or something else.”

Bystanders jumped into the water and dove in to recover Matthew, who was lifeless. C.P.R. was administered immediately and 911 was called around 7:03pm. Matthew was transported to La Paz Regional Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The case is still under investigation.


  1. Netera LeMaster

    Why dose the victiums name sound familar ?

  2. Dori Pace

    our hearts go out to his family and friends.. gone too soon <3

  3. Kortny Taylor Miskofski

    Justin Miskofski this guy was from phelan! Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family ????????

  4. Leticia Espinoza-Galvan

    OMG! That is soo sad. prayers to his family.

  5. Carrie Rasmussen

    So sad and tragic. Thoughts are with the family and friends ????

  6. Melissa Hill

    So sad! We saw the boat sirens go by for this call.

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