Man barricades in Bouse after alleged attempted sexual assault

A man allegedly committed attempted sexual assault before barricading himself in a house in Bouse, AZ Wednesday night in a stand-off with deputies.

La Paz County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at the residence of Oscar Martinez-Salgado for suspected aggravated assault and attempted sexual assault. While attempting to make contact with Martinez-Salgado, the suspect allegedly avoided contact by running into the residence and barricading himself inside.

Martinez-Salgado was reported to be acting very aggressively, according to a Sheriff’s press release, and refused verbal commands to exit the residence. After a “long period of failed negotiations”, chemical gas canisters were deployed into the residence in what law enforcement refers to as “less than lethal” force.

With the munitions not causing the suspect’s exit, a tactical team was forced to enter the residence and physically take him into custody. Martinez-Salgado was arrested without any report of physical injury to him or the deputies.

The suspect was booked into jail at the La Paz County Detention Facility and was expected to be seen by a judge at Parker Justice Court by Thursday afternoon. The Sheriff’s Department issued a press release with a reminder that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in court.


  1. Francisco Lopez

    I dont know why but it feels like if I was present on that scene yesterday ????????

  2. Annie Liles

    Thank you to the officers involved in taking this person off the streets and away from people he might harm. Great Job.

  3. I am forever grateful for our great officers, medical staff for bravery when running into situations such as this. Having been a previous case manager, etc I went to many homes throughout La Paz county including Bouse where i was able to help the elderly and homebound to receive homecare services such as meal on wheels, etc. It saddens me to see how people are so messed up to cause such havoc in these small communities. God Bless them all

  4. Brandy Walker

    Damn dude. Never thought this of you.

  5. Karina Deann Cesena

    What’s going on Parker???? Oh my gosh!!!!

  6. Fuk dem! There was no ‘Sexual Assault’ !!!!! Spent a year and a half falsely imprisoned!!! And dey knew it wasnt true the whole time!!! Shyt! Thought they wantd to smoke my shyt!!! …. hmmm… ‘ran’… yeah right! Better come correct everyond talking shit!!!

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