Vehicle plows into building at car wash, owner deceased

UPDATE 10:30am:

Jose Lopez, known as ‘Chuy’, died this morning at his car wash in Parker, AZ when a vehicle driven by his wife Maria accelerated for unknown reasons into a shed where he was at the time, according to Parker Police Department.

Police Sergeant Michael Bailey told Parker Live that the investigation is ongoing at this time. An 11 year-old male was extracted from the scene too, having apparently been in the building with Chuy, and flown to hospital in Phoenix.

Both Chuy and his wife are approximately 73 years old and own the business where the incident occurred, a car wash with a barber shop next door.

Maria reportedly tried to brake repeatedly without successfully stopping the vehicle, which plowed through the building and pushed Chuy into a brick wall behind the building. He was extracted from behind by first responders but pronounced deceased.


A white Ford Expedition plowed into a building at Chuy’s Car Wash in Parker Thursday morning, with early reports of one person deceased and a juvenile injured.

The cause of the incident is not known at this time. The deceased and injured may have been in the path of the vehicle as it accelerated forward.

CRIT Fire, River Medical, Parker Police, La Paz County Sheriff’s Department and other agencies were dispatched to the scene at the 1100 block of Kofa Avenue.


  1. Nancy Hanner

    cam anyone tell me if Chuy is ok?

  2. Angie Cerda

    I am sad to hear this.

  3. Corey Lynn Nash

    I pray for his family at this time!

  4. Oh my. Prayer’s.

  5. Alan S Wall

    RIP Chuy, you made me laugh all the time. Will be missed for sure

  6. Dianne Gamboa

    So sad, terrible accident.

  7. Annette Lundy

    Very sad. We used their services a few times when we lived there.

  8. Stephanie pablo

    Myself and my family are so sad to hear of this devastating news. Chuy was a Blessing to us. Were gonna miss Chuy. God Bless. Prayers to the family.

  9. Corey Lynn Nash

    Terry Hippa Casatrz. Rip chuy

  10. Jennifer Jones

    Just so tragic for everybody involved????

  11. Bernie Hatmaker

    Very nice people may god be with chuys family

  12. Melissa Ogilvie

    Oh how tragic. They were so nice. ???? Nathan Ogilvie

  13. Nuestros mas sentidos pesame a la familia lopez

  14. Chuy will be missed by all who knew him. Condolences to his family and many friends for their loss.

  15. Kenny Perez

    So sad. Chuy was my barber for many years. RIP, sir.

  16. Sharon Butters

    Another sad story. Hope the boy is okay.

  17. Jeff Morgan

    Holy shit!!! Don’t even know what to say. Condolences to the family!!
    Thank you.

  18. Belinda Setoyant

    is it being ruled an “accident”?

  19. Mary Sosebee

    That’s where the truck would get washed. That’s so sad!

  20. Katherine Johnson

    I know! I wasn’t sure if you guys knew this place, but Parker’s a pretty small town. Misty Osmundsen…did you & Matt ever go there when you lived there?

  21. Misty Osmundsen

    We went by but never stopped there, that’s sad:(

  22. Katherine Johnson

    Yeah, Seriously! And, I read there was a Murder/Suicide with 2 men dead & 1 woman in the hospital in Parker on the 20th! Crazy…what is going on there?!

  23. Mary Sosebee

    Katherine Johnson, who knows?

  24. Lillian Sanchez

    On behalf of Leonardo Sanchez and family, our most sincere condolences to the family. Chuy was a good man.

  25. This message goes out to the (airhead lady MRS LISA, CROLEY). My father was not murder. It was ruled out as an accident. There was a defect or malfunction on the vehicle. So if you have nothing else nice to say don’t say anything at all. Instead of putting negative comments on social media why don’t you just pray for him and let him rip. My father was loved by so many people and he will be missed and remembered. It was a horrible tragedy and we are still in shock including my mother, brothers and sister.

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