Viewfinder: Oversized loads arrive in Parker

UPDATE 2: More definitive information from the Orange County Register about the final destination of the dome, a Chevron gasoline refinery on the coast, can be found HERE.

UPDATE: According to CRIT council member Johnny Hill Jr., the round device is a cap for an electrical plant in California, being shipped through Parker and transferring to another trailer to comply with California regulations.

A “reactor”, among other things, according to people familiar with the loads being trucked slowly into Parker today. At least one of the loads came from Gila Bend and took up the entire roadway on Highway 72 into town. Photos by ADOT, Melissa Wright and Johnny Hill Jr.


  1. Carol Geary

    CK out the tires! (I thot I had trouble)

  2. Don Davis

    Looks like Big Boy ?

  3. Orlando Short Sr

    Looks like Luke Skywalkers uncle Owen and aunt LaRue’s pad on the planet Toontoie

  4. Orlando Short Sr

    Or a thermal nuclear detonator from Return of The Jedi…

  5. What’s for?

  6. Rob Thomason

    WTF is getting built in Parker ??

  7. Lois Vieni

    Is it staying in Parker or moving on??

  8. It’s tough for a County like La Paz County to maintain it’s County roads with the funding from the State gas tax. So I wonder if these huge products exceed the weight limits on Salome Road established to avoid damage from excessive weight loads. Is the County even monitoring these types of activities. Who knows, the weight limitations may have been revised or some state or federal agency may be able to overrule County ordinances.


  9. Cassandra Ryan Umphlett

    Does anyone know when they are going to move it? I really want to see it move

  10. How about that rocket they pulled through a month 2 months ago, north Korea special.

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