Boat sinks, one fatality near Big River

UPDATE: Some further tragic details were revealed by NBC Los Angeles HERE. They include:

  • Tasha was in the Parker area for her 30th birthday celebration
  • Her boyfriend had an engagement ring in his pocket and was planning to propose while out on the river
  • She handed her 8 year-old daughter to a man on a wave runner before being pulled under the water by the sinking boat

NBC video:


A 30 year-old woman died on Saturday after the boat she was on was swamped and sank near Big River Park.

At around 6:29pm on Saturday, San Bernardino County Sheriff Boating Deputies responded to a boat accident call. The operator, 52 year-old Umberto Bagnara of Beaumont, CA, and 6 passengers left the launch ramp at Big River Park in a 19-foot closed bow vessel to go tubing. During the trip, the vessel lost power and became swamped and started to sink.

Six people were able to swim away from the boat but the victim, later identified as 30 year-old Tasha Turner of Hemet, CA, became entangled in the ski rope that was attached to the vessel. Tasha was unable to free herself from the rope and was pulled under the water’s surface as the boat sank. Dive members from the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office located the vessel and due to the strong current, water and lighting conditions, dive missions were canceled until the morning.

On Sunday morning at around 7 a.m., San Bernardino Sheriff’s boating deputies and dive members responded back to the scene of the accident and, with the assistance of La Paz County Sheriff’s Department and Buckskin Fire Department, Tasha Turner was recovered from the water, and the boat pulled to the surface.

According to the Sheriff’s Department there is an ongoing investigation into the incident.


  1. Dara Dara

    Yikes.. this happened near my home.. so very sad.

  2. Corey Lynn Nash

    Condolences. So sad she was called home on her birthday! R.I.P Tasha

  3. Melissa Hill

    What an awful way to go. ???? poor girl.

  4. Tasha was a remarkable young woman that I was fortunate enough to to know. She left behind a amazing family and a beautiful baby girl. Ill miss you Tasha..I can’t believe you’re gone.

  5. Linda Johnson-Holman

    This is so sad and scary- we have added a Swiss knife to our boat keychain due to similar stories

  6. rest in peace Tasha! Godspeed – prayers sent horrible event

  7. Hailey Cartwright

    I think this is why you saw all the helicopters ????

  8. Thats why they need to get rid of these wakeboarding boats in parker, Thos boats are sinking boats with there waves and they need to be outlawed from the river, just saying

  9. So sad, praying for the family.

  10. Karen Malm

    Sending prayers to the families and friends. ????????????

  11. Karrie Scully Johnston

    I was asleep when they went code past our place.

  12. Jan,

    Nothing here states a wakeboard boat caused this. A flatbottom or small jet boat can easily sink itself when going from speed to no power. The water can and will easily go over the back transom of the boat. This is why you see boats slowly decelerate. Very sad for all involved….

  13. Suzanna Castro

    That’s y all the cops were at BlueWater lagoon on sat.

  14. Mike Clements

    ????so sad, condolences to her family and friends

  15. John Bailey

    What a crappy way to go. RIP

  16. Suzanna Castro

    Sorry. My condolences to the family

  17. Lavergne Schwarz Hale

    So very sad ???? God Bless them all

  18. Aaron Holt

    7 people on a 19′ closed bow was the first mistake. I had a 19 foot commander and 5 people tops was pushing it

  19. Pat Henderson

    Not Bluewater Lagoon!!!!!!!!!!
    No no!! BIG RIVER PARK

  20. My Condolences To Her Family and Friends, My Heart Goes Out To Them And They Are In My Prayers She Lived Close To My Hometown Ontario Ca. And Pomona Ca. My heart Breaks For Them.

    But how could nobody free her.??

  21. Some further heartbreaking details were revealed by NBC Los Angeles HERE.

  22. Susan Georges Harrington

    That’s what I thought after seeing a picture of the boat. That is a lot of people that should only seat 5

  23. Joan Evans

    Oh my gosh how sad poor family

  24. First off RIPTasha!!!! Prayers to all family and friends especially her little girl. May God Bless you all.

  25. Katherine Wheatley

    This was in Big River, just down river a ways from Bluewater Lagoon.

  26. This Is So Sad ????????Condolences and Prayers To Her Family and Close Friends.. My HEART ???? Breaks for her lil girl this is so sad!!

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