The eclipse from Parker, AZ

UPDATE: This is as good as Parker Live could do today, without any real planning. Any other photos? Get in touch and let us see them!

Cloud obscures most of the sky this morning in Parker, AZ during the partial solar eclipse here.

The peak of today’s partial eclipse is at 10:28 am, with the sun slowly emerging again completely by around 11:54 am. Around 66 percent of the sun will be obscured at that peak time (in around 10 minutes at the time of publication).

Remember: If you do get a peek at the sun between the scattered clouds this morning, wear eclipse glasses or a welding mask, or make a pinhole camera out of some paper or card.

Did you get a look at the eclipse? Share in the comments.


  1. Don Davis

    Don Davis I just use my welders helmet and got a good look at it ! The clouds are gone now over the Sun !Put my shader on max ! neat

  2. Susan Olsen

    I got to see it too.. awesome

  3. Thalla Paddock

    I saw the partial eclipse through my dark tinted car windows. Only briefly because of the clouds. It sorta looked gray outside, too.

  4. Wife and I took the 5th wheel trailer up to Rigby, Idaho for the big event. Wish I could post pics here, it was breathtaking to see day literally turn into night.

    A nearby freeway had literally NO cars at Totality. Temperatures dropped from 70 down to 62 then back up to 74 within an hour period.

    It literally became night here, stars came out, only a dim sunset-like view to the horizon. Reminded us of a summer evening in Parker around 9 pm with the faint glow of the Sun in the West reflecting off the mirror-like water.

    Simply amazing.

  5. FYI
    Just thought about this? Wanted to alert everyone.
    My boat and a neighbors that were anchored on the river in front of our homes on the California side, Between Bermuda palms and River Reflextions. on Monday, August 7 actually Tuesday a.m. about 1 o’clock in the morning August 8 we’re both vandalized somebody jumped on them went through the glove boxes stoled everything they could out of them, including ski gloves,money and sun glasses then also stole all of my Indian Pendleton towels and also my neighbors wakeboard and wake sufer.
    Just thought I would bring it to everyone’s attention. to see if it might have happened to anybody else. Also ask if anybody might have any idea who did it if they’d like to speak up.

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