Viewfinder: Seaweed on the Lake

Conditions have been perfect for this prospering mass to take over a large area near Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge just east of Parker Dam. And yes, seaweed is still called seaweed even when it’s a freshwater variety!


  1. How safe would it be to gather a bunch of this stuff and
    wear it like you’re a sea monster to scare people? Asking for a friend.

  2. Good link, Bert. That photo of the weed piled up is cool.

  3. My big brother was a frequent wearer of the sea monster costume! I hate sea weed to this day!!

  4. Danny Crayton

    Bill Kean a little too late.

  5. Nola Aspa

    Its disqusting to look at now. Someones lacking, cause that stuff will choke out the lake real quick.

  6. This is a safety hazard to boaters, kayakers, paddle boarders and swimmers.
    The water has no circulation causing major breeding grounds foe mosquitoes.

  7. Call Kelco in San Diego and have them bring their Kelp cutter boat to the Lake, scoop up the Seaweed and this will solve the problem. Let’s look for solutions!

  8. Hmmm. I want to clarify that this is only one area, at the mouth of Bill Williams. The rest of the lake looks like it always does: clear, beautiful, blue-green water. To what extent is this a problem that needs solved? I’m not sure, we’d need to ask the experts! According to the link posted above, the seaweed is an issue for the Central Arizona Project, and they use a small boat for similar purposes. But maybe they do need to call in the big guns! Thanks all.

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