The Axe is Back: Parker beats Wickenburg

The Parker Broncs beat the Wickenburg Wranglers on Friday’s “Fireman’s Axe” game, marking a notable win for the Parker team as the two schools renewed an old rivalry.

Many years the axe goes to Wickenburg, a bigger school by far with a much larger talent pool than Parker’s. But with tonight’s win, the axe returns to Parker High School for the first time since 2014, leaving the Joe Bush stadium jubilant and celebrating after the game.

The 54-20 win for Parker was a notable result.

“When’s the last time our guys scored 54 in any game?” exclaimed Randy Hartless and Brad Sale as they commentated live on KLPZ.

“This is an excellent win for our kids,” Sale told Parker Live after the game. “If you missed the first half, it was the best first half of football our kids have played in years.”

Hartless and Sale said the player of the game was running back James Hoban, who had 4 touchdowns and around 200 yards rushing. It was an especially meaningful victory after last week’s blow: a serious injury for Angelo Carballo, who broke his ankle in the last 15 seconds of the game and reportedly needed surgery.

Carballo will no doubt be pleased by his team’s result Friday night. The fireman’s axe will stay in Parker for the next year until the head coach brings it to the next game in 2018 when Wickenburg will attempt to win it back from their old rivals. But until then, it will hang at Parker High School, spurring the Broncs on to what they hope will be further victories this season.

Homecoming is slated for September 15th against Sedona. Listen to Parker Broncs Football live on KLPZ 1380am and at


  1. I’m not so sure that the axe has been with Wickenburg for “many” years, but thanks for taking the time to note our great victory tonight. If I remember right, we won the axe in 2014 season. Go BRONCS!

  2. Noted and updated. Thanks!

  3. Glen Hadden

    OMG thanks for the memories Butch

  4. Angelo was very pleased! He talked to the team right before the game after his surgery and told them he wanted to be able to hold that axe when he got back! Forever grateful for such a awesome team and coaches!

  5. Well I’m from wickenburg and I say BOOO bronks

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