Marines Exercise Deep Strike II is happening this week in rural La Paz County

UPDATE: Lots of photos HERE.

A little over an hour south of Parker, AZ, United States Marines from Camp Pendleton and Air Station Miramar are engaged in an exercise codenamed Deep Strike II this week.

A bridge built by the Marines can be seen in the background

The Marines of 1st Division, 1st Marine Logistic Group, based out of Camp Pendleton, CA and the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, based out of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, CA are conducting a scheduled training exercise on the lower Colorado River in rural La Paz County south of Blythe, utilizing several open off-highway vehicle routes typically used by locals and winter visitors.

Large amounts of equipment, vehicles and aircraft are involved in the exercise, which La Paz County District 3 Supervisor Holly Irwin told Parker Live is only conducted here and in only one other place in the United States.

The operations include amphibious vehicle crossings, rafting and “continuous span bridge employment,” where the Marines build a bridge that can then be used to bring vehicles and people across the river.

A 1st Marine Division press release says that sometimes the noise can bring attention from the public.

“The number of aircraft and vehicles supporting training can occasionally generate higher volumes of noise,” it says. “Additionally, atmospheric conditions can amplify aircraft and vehicle noise volume and the distance sound travels.”

Some of the affected routes include Red Cloud Mine Road, Gas Line Road, Summit Road, Bradshaw Trail, Ashley’s Flat Road, Wiley’s Well Road, Milpitas Wash Road, Old Palo Verde Road and Cibola Road.


  1. Phil Day

    Could they be redirected SOUTH to the Border ?

  2. I’m trying to understand how you say it’s 1 hr East of Parker and in rural La Paz County? but yet all the routes you list are south west and in CA ? please explain why this article is so confusing and misleading ! l Where will they be in La Paz County ? One hr east of Parker is like Swansea and the Bill Williams water crossing Just Saying

  3. Apologies – that should have said ‘south’ and has been updated. The rest of the article is right (rural La Paz included) and is intentionally unspecific about the location of this military exercise (they don’t want the public arriving in large numbers).

  4. Randy Sossaman

    Here ya go Ed Mowles now is your chance to reup

  5. Jack Anderson

    Thank you to all military members for their service.

  6. Don Davis

    No we all know why they are training !

  7. That’s part of the Proving grounds.

  8. Esther Nielesky

    I just saw a whole lot of tanks on the 215 freeway headed south!!

  9. Yes that’s the hippie hole

  10. Phil Day – It’s been a personal experience in the US Army that deployment is readily available anywhere & everywhere the mission directs. Generally, with respect to noise, it’s heartwarming to hear the fast movers after their visibility is barely possible! By the time we hear em, they’re GONE! Kinda reassuring that our military is actually working!

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