Trailer up in flames in Parker, agencies respond

A trailer went up in flames after 9:30am in the town of Parker near Kofa and Arizona Avenues. Agencies responding. Photos via multiple contributors and Parker Live.


  1. Kelli Scott

    Oh I hope no one was hurt that’s too close to home I was freaking out !!!

  2. Patty Banks

    Thanks isn’t that by the cop shop

  3. Tia Moore

    Across from food city and autozone

  4. Jennifer Wise

    Joyce Curren from look n see owns that trailer

  5. Annie Liles

    Praying for the safety of the residents and for all first responders.

  6. Am glad it didn’t spread any further then that

  7. John I would appreciate it if you would take _________’s comment down. This lady and her high school son lost everything. Unless ______ has some actual facts _________, that is a very disparaging comment to make to a family who is likely having the worst day of their life.

  8. Agreed, it would’ve been taken down shortly anyway. 🙂 Thanks

  9. Corey Lynn Nash

    It’s Erica Anne baughman’s place

  10. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    john. if they are in need of school clothes or ?? maybe you can post sizes and see if some of us can help wth items or food or??

  11. Erica Anne we love you and you know we are all here for you.
    I have no words left after this.

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