Truck overturns with 5th-Wheel

A truck towing a 5th-Wheel overturned east of Parker at around noon Monday near 12 Mile Junction, causing a partial lane blockage. Emergency services were on-scene, according to La Paz County Sheriff’s Department. The conditions of the occupants is unconfirmed at this time.


  1. Susan Nez

    oh I hope everyone is alive

  2. Freya Wise

    Passed it not to long ago. A white work truck was also involved. Snowbirds coming in people.

  3. that’s a bumper pull, not a fifth wheel.

  4. Vicki Mackie Deel

    Looks like a bumper pull not a 5th wheel.

  5. Sam Camarata

    Sheriff risen was directing traffic. Not a lazy sheriff

  6. Carol Wilson

    Could have been us. People are impatient and pass when not safe to do so. We were almost hit head on by a passing pickup going into Parker. Good thing there was a good shoulder we could swerve onto.

  7. Kinda of question the reporting when the picture tells a different story than the reporter
    Tighten it up Parker News….

  8. Parker Live Updates

    Okay everybody, we get that it wasn’t a 5th-Wheel! Thank you for the clarification on that detail! Carry on! Lol

  9. Dewey White

    “5th wheel overturned by assault turtle…”

  10. Wayne Brewer

    A Coyote was chasing a Turtle across the Highway and they swerved to miss them

  11. Thomas Peter

    Not easy being a Snowbird.

  12. Gloria Mascorro

    Just pray there okay.thats the main point

  13. Heather Huhtala

    It’s where 95 and 72 meet. The turn off to Quartzsite.

  14. Byron Mcmahon

    “Yes man my half ton pulls it like nothing is back there.”

  15. Ashton Rene

    Cynthia Bautista Brown be safe coming home!

  16. Jason Nelson

    Hard to believe the media these days.. they don’t even know the difference between a fifth and bumper pull and it’s still hooked up

  17. Kelly Crooks

    Wow! Could still be a 5th wheel. It is possible that it unhooked or snapped. But what does it matter? I hope everyone is ok!

  18. Where were they from? Injuries?

  19. David Davis

    The best tow company in Parker!

  20. Cynthia Bautista Brown

    We are good. We were in the hills playing in the jeep at that time. On our way home now on the 15.

  21. Jeff Bordley

    Parker Live isn’t responsible for accurate reporting? Cavalierly carrying on.

  22. Parker Live Updates

    Jeff it’s not an in-depth story, just a quick blip to let people know what happened. We got the point!

  23. Jamie Siroonian

    That’s a bumper pull trailer not a fifthwheel but that sucks

  24. Is there any update on who the people are and their condition? What was the cause of the accident? I passed that truck and trailer when leaving Havasu yesterday. Nothing about the accident was in the Havasu newspaper.

  25. Michelle L Dahinden

    People are nit picky jerks! Thanks for the story….

  26. Michelle L Dahinden

    Yeah…cuz this story is all about the trailer rather then the accident that could kill people. Thanks for pointing that out…..idiot!

  27. Barbara Evans-Blehm

    We past shortly after it was closer to Quartzsite and the truck was up on 4 wheels. Yes, it was a tt not a 5th w. A young lady was out brushes glass off of her. He either had a blowout or lost it or a severe sway that he/she couldn’t correct.

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