Parker local crowned Miss Indian Arizona

Mariah Sharpe, 19, has been crowned the 56th Miss Indian Arizona. Mariah is a member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes.

Mariah went to Parker High School and became Junior Miss CRIT and then Miss CRIT. She is now pursuing her Associate’s Degree in biology with an emphasis in medicine and health and welfare at Paradise Valley Community College. Her goal is to complete her Bachelor’s Degree and then apply to medical school.

There are 22 tribes in the state of Arizona which are eligible to run competitors in Miss Indian Arizona. CRIT is one of them.

Mariah is of Mohave and Chemehuevi descent, the daughter of Chaweka Fisher and Isaac Sharpe. The theme of this year’s pageant was about preserving cultural understanding and awareness, which Mariah said she would like to continue promoting by connecting youth with tribal elders.

She said she celebrated her win on Sunday:

“Wow, I feel blessed to serve our BEAUTIFUL 22 tribes of Arizona! On Sunday I celebrated by going to the Taco Festival with my best friend! I probably ate around 6 tacos… Maybe more but I won’t say! While we were there we ran into Lorenzo Emerson who had his food truck there (he’s a Critter from Parker). As for today I was getting accustomed to emailing and filling in my calendar! Before I get ready for bed I want to thank everyone who supported not only me but the other contestants as well. It’s not an easy task to get on that stage in front of a big crowd! I can’t wait to meet you all this year and thank you again for the support and best wishes!”

According to the Miss Indian Arizona website, “The Miss Indian Arizona (MIA) Scholarship Program has evolved into a creative, educational and cultural performance, which ignites the audience to cross barriers of time and see the way of life of our Native Nations and our people.”

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