Viewfinder: Blasting on the River

Photo by Joy C.

Construction work continues at ‘Ski Alley’ on the Parker Strip. The Moonridge area development is set to be a new resort. More info HERE.


  1. Red Mako

    Looks like shit, thanks for ruining a gorgeous part if the river for profit and greed.????

  2. Kathy Christenson

    Props to the smokin hot photographer Joy Robinson Cervenka. ????

  3. Michelle L Dahinden

    Thanks for the information. Its good to know. Thanks again.

  4. Bill Hoefferle

    Was through there in August, definitely does not look natural anymore.

  5. Toni Craven

    Yep. Can’t believe they got away with ruining the beautiful natural landscape.

  6. Jacob Foreman

    Hey if you wanted it to remain natural you should have bought it.

  7. Jen Veldman

    It’s so upsetting. I try not to debate often online but this project is ridiculous! It goes against EVERYTHING the army corps of engineers allows!

  8. Rusty Stewart

    Flatness area on the whole River, probably will be gone now!

  9. Nellie Bly

    Wow unbelievable! Why does everything have to be ruined?

  10. Alan Nelson

    Don’t you think it took blasting and grading to make the places that YOU all are staying in? People have the right to do whatever they want (within zoning and building codes/standards) on THEIR own property.

  11. Wally Saunders

    Not saying bad or good but progess is part of everyday life. New taxes coming in. Wildlife will adapt. New jobs. Yes the scenery has been changed but without growth we would still be in horse and buggy

  12. Mary McLaughlin

    ????Money money money mmmoney????

  13. Holly Monroe

    Are they ever going to be finished with this project. The lots are going to have to sell for trillions in order to make a profit.

  14. Katrina Marie Woodward

    I can’t believe they let them do that… it literally breaks my heart knowing they are ruining that beautiful site right there…

  15. Mike Kirschner

    I think the beach is gonna get screwed

  16. Todd Woodward

    Quite a few graded lots or even acres around these parts…just hope they improve on it instead of leaving it like the other abandoned projects

  17. Scott Kinman

    Mike Kirschner I was told no. Getting to the beach might be fucked.

  18. Scott Homan

    We saw the rocks and debris last week. Am confused…
    is it Home sites or a large multi unit resort going in?

  19. Tammy Flavin

    Scott Homan I’m confused to because I thought it was supposed to be homes

  20. Quintin Taylor

    Shame on the people who incorporated the property. Should have called it natures rock and preserved it. Shame shame on the developer owner. Not a river rat for sure. Stick to owning a bar, your better at that????

  21. Sabina Mohr

    Who is the owner? What bar? Curious

  22. Quintin Taylor

    This can’t rest with me. It’s my buriel grounds

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