Viewfinder: Owl on the Prowl

At a house in Bouse.


  1. Shirley Copley

    There are 3 that live in the tree at the dog park in Havasu/in the channel. Lately they’ve done several close call fly bys…its a lil frightening especially for the small dogs.

  2. Kathi Jean Andrews

    We have at least 3 in Bluewater Lagoon

  3. Carolyn Hall

    Beanpot Hill (Lakeside 2) …got our Chihuahua in May

  4. Skyler Lassabe-Crow

    There’s a few screech owls and a giant white one in Big River Park

  5. We saw onet at dusk tonight at Windmill Resort on the California side of the river!

  6. Lisa Engel-Delancy

    Some tribes view owls as bad omens.

  7. Lirpa Duckey

    There beautiful there was a barn owl that ended up in our laundry room one year he was huge and very beautiful I wanted to pet him lol

  8. Carlos Moreno

    There a few n nest at the Parker Highschool

  9. Please be aware of your small dogs in the lower Marina Manor area. Two large owls have been stocking the shore line for food. I had my pup outside at sunset about a month ago when an owl flu in with talons forward ready to grab my friend. I got lucky and saw what was happening just in time to save her from certain death. Also, watch out for coyote in the same area. A neighbor lost his chauawa recently as it was snatched up by a coyote just a few feet from where he was standing. There was nothing he could do to save the dog, it was never seen again. These predators are not afraid of people especially when they are hungry, don’t let your pet become their next meal.

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