Body matching Sandy Giles found just 10 feet from side of the road

A body matching the description of a woman missing since May 2017 has been found in Earp, CA.

According to Sandy Giles’s daughter Kendall, the body was found just 10 feet from the side of Highway 62 only 800 feet from where Sandy’s car was discovered last May.

The body was decomposed but matches features including bleached blonde hair, dentures, a cigarette case and keys. It was discovered by biologists researching desert reptiles and will now be sent to San Bernardino for a confirmation of identity, using DNA and dental records. No cause of death could immediately be determined.

Sandy’s disappearance near Parker, AZ prompted news stories, search parties and interest from all over the country. She had been on a road trip to California from her home state of Alabama. It is not known why she made a detour to the Parker area, but her car was discovered a few days later parked in a desert wash just off the roadway.

“[Law enforcement is] saying that it seems no-one realized her body was only 10 feet off of the road because a couple of days after her car was found, they scraped the sides of the road and may have accidentally pushed dirt over her body,” Kendall wrote on Facebook. “It is so hard knowing we walked so close to her and drove past her body hundreds of times, both times we went to California.”

The body was found toward Parker from the location her car was discovered, according to Kendall, indicating that Sandy may have been walking toward the town. She had called family members earlier asking if they could send her money for fuel.

“There were hundreds of people that loved momma very much and have been praying and everyone deserves to hear from us, not anyone else,” Kendall wrote. “This is the hardest day of our lives and we are at a loss for words. The closure doesn’t make it hurt any less and we are so heartbroken but we know our beautiful mother is in Jesus’ arms now. We are so appreciative for all the prayers and ask you please continue praying for our family. We will keep everyone as updated as we can.”

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  1. Mike Rowe

    Does not sound like they did a good search back in May something does not sound right about this.

  2. Susan Guilliams

    I agree something is not right about that.

  3. Matt Boswell

    It says the road was scraped before the search so it may have covered her with dirt.

  4. April Colburn

    You can tell ole Jim that his so called search and rescue dogs suck

  5. April Colburn

    The cops never brought dogs out.

  6. OMG Incompetence is the only word that comes to mind, RIP and prayers to the family

  7. Teresa Oechsner

    Condolences..its sad that a search and rescue team,if there was one did not find her body!

  8. Phil Sheridan

    Very sad ????????????????????????

  9. Lorri Franklin

    I feel so sad for the family. I’ve followed this story from the beginning – but something just isn’t right about this. Okay, so they scraped the road. Even if she was covered at that point in time. There has been rain! There has been monsoons! Just so absolutely sad they didn’t find her sooner. My prayers to the family. RIP Sandy.

  10. Meghan Romanek

    RIP prayers for her family and friends.

  11. Kathi Jean Andrews

    This is so sad. Prayers for the family.

  12. Dawn Ligman-Williams

    I just pray the family gets a little bit of closer, knowing she’s in a better place. God bless. ❤️????????

  13. Angela Silva

    so sad. prayers to the family

  14. Robyn Asbury


  15. Julie Maddox

    My condolences to the family, God bless her soul

  16. Janie Hatch

    I was thinking same thing! And people driving past didn’t smell anything. I’m sorry but this story is a little strange.

  17. April Colburn

    This is my sister’s best friend. I’ve known her for 20 plus years. The cops did a half ass job and they know it

  18. Debbie Gilbert

    This is a wake up call to La Paz County and San Bernardino to have Cadaver Dogs. So next time the family is spared the anguish of waiting. My heart goes out to this family. They should of had the right help to find their Mom. God bless her family. Sandy will forever be in the hearts of many.

  19. Beverly L Bonney


  20. Beverly L Bonney

    I still think the chippy that last saw her is #1 suspect. I just posted it last night @2am….

  21. Beverly L Bonney

    So…..did they grade the road BEFORE or AFTER her car was towed?

  22. April Colburn

    I saw that and wondering the same thing myself

  23. Beverly L Bonney

    Jean Baker Cameron seems like tampering with a possible crime scene? And how does the “clearing” of these little ditches work? Is there a regular maintenance schedule? Or, did they see that a car had been lodged there and decided “hm, guess we better fix that, let’s get right on it…like NOW”? So many questions.

  24. Sandra LaMothe

    Wtf a search team must not looked to far and a border patrol by there makes no since missing her.

  25. Sandra LaMothe

    And the dogs something is wrong

  26. Law enforcement. …… no damn comment……. wow……… rip. Condolences to the family……. such a sad sad ending

  27. Jack D White

    Did any of you go put and help them search. Maybe you could of found her sooner if you did.

  28. Sandra LaMothe

    There is a border patrol in that area with dogs something is wrong here

  29. Beverly L Bonney

    That car was there A WEEK and the DAY it’s removed and the occupant is REPORTED MISSING…they GRADE THE AREA?!?!! And COVER UP the body…some thing is NOT RIGHT. I bet they give “undetermined” as cause of death.

  30. Connie Tucker Sommerville

    This is not the time for criticism of the search party or law enforcement (for those criticizing were you there to help search?)…..this is the time to offer healing and comfort for Sandy’s children and family!!

  31. This is crazy …doesn’t add up ..prayers for her family …sad ..Pray God reveals the TRUTH and it comes to light ????????

  32. Lirpa Duckey

    So sad Condolences to the family rest In Paradise Dear Sandy

  33. Meghan Romanek

    there were 8 of us searching. That is all that showed up. We aren’t experts we were concerned citizens. The roads were already done and the washes too.

  34. Annette Merritt

    Have you ever had to deal with San Bernardino Sheriff? WHAT A JOKE… I could not be any more sorry for this family. I too have been following this story from the beginning. I hate to say, expect nothing from this sheriffs office… It is the tragedy times 2…

  35. Sandra LaMothe

    Just a pity someone died next door to us we smelled Oder long before ….matter of couple days come on since may at 126 degrees so close how far and long was the search not far

  36. Kris Wagner

    So sad Prayers for the family

  37. I know Sandy Giles but I really can’t remember where. But I was shocked to here this. She will be missed ???? it is ????. It is as sad when one of my friends son was killed Brett Singleton and come to find out he was my neighbor. ????????????

  38. Shannon Marie

    I saw the police out there yesterday and thought they might have found her

  39. Such sad news…….:( I hope they can bring her back home to Alabama now – where she belongs. My prayers are with all of her family, friends and loved ones.

  40. Tammy Flavin

    This is so awful but how was this missed?! And yes I am a cop daughter so no need to the lecture. Her poor family

  41. Beverly L Bonney

    I know I will probably comment excessively on this. I can’t help it. This is unsettling in so many ways.
    First and foremost an innocent women lost her life and a family is devastated. My hearts aches for her family. I can’t fathom the anguish. Prayers to all that knew and loved her.
    Second, I’m pissed off. HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?! If the last known person that saw her (the CHP) was SO CONCERNED when he heard her car was there, WHY would he immediately start looking in hospitals instead of securing a possible CRIME SCENE? Is it because, as he has stated, he knew she had an inhaler and breathing problems? He also stated he asked her if she wanted to go to a hospital, right? He was so concerned, didn’t he follow her to the Parker turn off?? Which was going in the wrong direction for Alabama. Why dismiss the car location and allow family access to the car before fingerprinting?
    Third, I’m scared as hell. We have a vacation home we saved a life time for less than 3 miles from where this happened. I’m pretty sure I can predict the outcome. They will conclude she most likely had respiratory distress. Any injuries will be determined due to her body possibly being disturbed by the tractor that accidentally covered her up. No one will even be suspect. YET…that stretch of road is traveled by commuters DAILY. I actually drove in to Parker the day they towed the car. Saw it up on the berm and two service type trucks there with some men standing right damn almost exactly where they are saying she was found!!!
    I know, I said I was probably going to be excessive. But I am so deeply sad for Sandy, and her family. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN LIKE THIS?! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  42. they scraped the road and might have covered her body not a chance in the world were not talking a bout snow here i never seen dirt from grading the shoulder of the road fly 10′ there not going that fast really something is not right

  43. Cheryl Rene

    So very sorry for the loss of this lovely woman.

  44. Erin Monasmith

    think of how many times we passed 🙁

  45. The body was not buried and was not 10ftoff the road and wasn’t toward Parker. It was the other direction..

    I’m going assume the police are still working the case.

  46. Meghan Romanek

    This is for those of you that keep bashing the concerned citizens of our community that went out and searched for Sandy. However we all feel horrible about the outcome. The 8 of us that showed up. Not an experienced bunch as others think they are or would have been. You didn’t help so please as a outsider that was not there keep your negative thoughts to yourself. You don’t even know.

  47. Jennifer Hoser

    Layne Cruz……sounds familiar, huh? Dumbass so called search and rescue we have…..

  48. Meghan, they aren’t criticising the search party. They are criticizing that the police force didn’t do more

  49. Ronnie Ramirez

    Man.. Drove thru there at least 10 times since may.. That close tp the road. Cmon now leo

  50. Fonzi Wayne

    Next time go out yourself.

  51. Katrina Marie Woodward

    Thank you!!!! I have been saying that since the day I saw her missing.

  52. Katrina Marie Woodward

    Yeah they did it so fast and that’s why it was suspicious!!! The day after her car was gone they did it!!

  53. Katrina Marie Woodward

    They did literally DAYS after . It was bs.

  54. Katrina Marie Woodward

    They need to talk to the county workers. Because they didn’t even do ANY washes but that one.

  55. Mike Mcivor

    What kinda cops they employing down their not impressed

  56. Candi Evans

    Yes the family should of had much better help looking for her, California should of called out a search and rescue. Wake up call for California you mean as this was in California. La Paz county is in Arizona they wouldn’t be out there looking it’s not their jurisdiction. And border patrol wouldn’t be out there either even if they lived down the street without the request of a California agency asking for another agencies assistance. So if you’re gonna blame the law enforcement agency blame CA.

  57. Sandra LaMothe

    I was on way back to quartzite when I saw she went missing. No am not bashing the ones that made a effort want is a concern like how many days was an effort made, were was the trained dogs, the law, the police, the ones that are to be trained it is not right she laid there that long no one found her to me a search was not done. Not once did I see any one asking for committee help to look for her. Something is not right

  58. I’m wondering how the researchers saw her and no one else did?

  59. Linda Booher

    so sad prayers for the family

  60. this so sad I am so sorry for your lost, I did take my golden retrievers in that area were they were working on the wash they had a search out there also my dog and I were only 20 ft in a 180 degree on the same side where the car was my dog hit in one spot only it was on flat area almost 10 ft from the berm that was there from construction and 15 ft from the road there a storage building with video cams on it did anyone check it out

  61. Rene Buie

    We have been by there all summer long.. So sorry we did not see her.. I pray that you and family have peace now .

  62. Denise Buie Wyatt

    So, so very sad ! May the Lord embrace them, during their time of Sorrow. I wish them all my prayers.

  63. If San Bernadino was involved then I’m surprised that ANYTHING at all was done. So very sorry for your loss.

  64. There is an error in the story. Her body was 800 feet off the Highway

  65. Brenda- Not an error. Ten feet off the roadway, 800 feet down the road from where her car was found in May.

  66. I didn’t know Sandy personally but I have several friends that knew her. I’ve seen their posts, I’ve read most articles on the story. This is so tragic. Knowing they were so close to where she was and not actually finding her. I’m having trouble believing she was there the whole time. I’m wondering if she wasn’t hit by a passing car. I hope the family gets the answers they are searching for. Prayers for her family and friends.

  67. John Patrick Kummerle

    I wonder if she was hit by a car while walking for help?? Autopsy broken bones??

  68. Jason Ball

    This is another great example of how “thoughts and prayers” do nothing.

  69. Vicki Hettish

    Awwww, sad…her pic has been posted at the Post Office since May and I saw it still there 2 weeks ago and wondered what happened to her. Scary and so sad. ????????

  70. I still can’t believe the cops have not located Amelia Earhart after all these years. Fire all of them! San Bernardino’s Needles Office is not that large. Only so much manpower. Expecting every department to have cadaver dogs is ridiculous. This is very unfortunate but to blame others for not locating someone every time every place, especially when it is the open desert. Come on man!

  71. I think she probably ran out of gas and starting walking toward parker. not being use to our heat made a last ditch effort to stop a vehicle by standing in the middle of the road and was struck by probably a large truck.
    the truck driver probably thought he hit an animal and kept going. I hope the investigators would think to check
    the gas gauge on her car. might be asking too much.

  72. From the people that found her:
    “She was 90-100 feet from the road. She was at least 800 feet WEST of where her car was found – going away from Earp”

  73. I have known Sandy all my life and she was practically family and was one a kind with a beautiful heart. I truly appreciate all the people from that community that searched for her so vehemently. I also believe with everything in me that the police should have done a better job. She has a wonderful family that continues to suffer from her loss and will have to bear that loss forever. Somebody knows more than what is being told; I refuse to believe that she laid out there so close to where her car was found for all that time. I know for a fact that her family would have found her themselves had her body truly been there. I mean after all, if the authorities were really searching for her that hard then why was it that it took her family to come out there to find one of her flip flops that the cops evidently looked over??? I’ll always feel like someone took her and did God knows what then brought her body back there, because something with ALL of this is not right, entirely too much does not add up. In any case whoever did this, we can all rest knowing that God will deal with you! Again, to all those who gave their time helping search and voicing your concern please know that it is greatly appreciated. And to our “Sandy Fanny”, the family will never give up searching for the truth about what happened to you. I love you…

  74. Hi John,
    Based on the 10 by 800 foot calculation of where her body was found and the reasonable assumption that Sandy Giles body did not lay there along the road, covered by dirt/sand, for 6 months, do you know if the owners of that RV/Boat junkyard right where she was found were questioned and if so, did San Bernardino get a search warrant to bring their cadaver dogs onto that property?
    No one can seem to get any science out of this supposed “Forensic Autopsy”. If Sandy was held captive on this property for any duration of time, a 1st year Forensic Scientist could rule this property out very quickly. Of course with that said we would have to presume San Bernardino has someone or people of this caliber, so far there is no evidence that San Bernardino has that expertise. Also, it does not appear that these kind and loving people in Alabama, ie, Sandy’s family, have an Attorney who could force the issues instead of this case just going cold.

  75. I know this was in 2017, and it’s 2024 now, but that just shows that Sandy isn’t forgotten. I don’t remember her too much, but I lived with her when I was a baby. A lot of you guys are rude asf saying “Go find her yourself” “Next time go yourself” “You should have done better with looking for her yourself” Did yall not read? Sandy Giles family, and even I, are from Alabama. The whole family lived in Alabama. Sandy went to California and went missing there while her family amd her daughter was in ALABAMA. Do yall not think before you say because Alabama and California are HELLA far away from each other. And imagine you’re at home or work in Alabama and you realize your mom hasn’t come home amd she’s missing all the way in California and you might not have enough money to fly there so wtf do you do? Think before you speak next time, thanks

  76. I know this was in 2017, and it’s 2024 now, but that just shows that Sandy isn’t forgotten. I don’t remember her too much, but I lived with her when I was a baby. A lot of you guys are rude asf saying “Go find her yourself” “Next time go yourself” “You should have done better with looking for her yourself” Did yall not read? Sandy Giles family, and even I, are from Alabama. The whole family lived in Alabama. Sandy went to California and went missing there while her family amd her daughter was in ALABAMA. Do yall not think before you speak because Alabama and California are HELLA far away from each other. And imagine you’re at home or work in Alabama and you had to report your mom missing because she hasn’t come home and you cant get ahold of her states away. Plus she might have not had enough money to fly there so wtf do you do? Think before you speak next time, thanks

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