129 marijuana plants seized in Big River

A man has been arrested and 129 marijuana plants seized in Big River, CA under San Bernardino County code.

Michael Hall was arrested on numerous charges relating to a stolen firearm and the illegal cultivation of marijuana.

On Monday afternoon, San Bernardino County deputies served a search warrant at a residence in the 14000 block of Del Rey Road, where Hall was detained. Deputies located 129 plants in various sizes and in various locations on the property. The plants were seized and taken as evidence. Deputies also located a stolen firearm in the residence.

Hall was arrested for possession of stolen property, felon in possession of a firearm and unauthorized cultivation of cannabis.

Under San Bernardino County code enacted by the Board of Supervisors in 2016, it is illegal to cultivate cannabis for commercial use in unincorporated areas of the county, such as Big River. Although marijuana was legalized for recreational use last year under Proposition 64, cultivation for personal use is limited to 6 indoor plants under state law. Those with a state-issued medical card can grow up to 12 plants per patient, with a maximum of 24 plants per residence. San Bernardino County code also imposes some additional requirements, including the need for renters to get written permission from their landlords and the requirement to lock the room where the plants are located.

The investigation relating to Hall is ongoing, according to the Sheriff’s Department.


  1. Sammy Lassabe

    Let me just say these are not all the facts.

  2. Candi Evans

    Please fill us in on all the facts.

  3. Sammy Lassabe

    It’s not my place to I’m just stating that there is more to the story.

  4. Sammy Lassabe

    These are not ALL the facts and there is more to the story

  5. Sharon Roberts

    Sammy Lassabe 129 is more than the legal amout of 24 per household

  6. Michelle L Dahinden

    Bet he was growing for other card holders…

  7. Corey Lynn Nash

    What are all the facts then

  8. Lyn Hall

    I thought if you had a card, you had to be more than 25 miles away from a dispensary? and then…you could only grow 6 plants? hmmmm

  9. Sammy Lassabe

    I am not dumb again people I said these aren’t ALL the facts there is more to the story.

  10. Jarrod Caswell

    So spit them out. Need a good laugh.

  11. Sammy Lassabe

    It’s not a laughing matter and not my place to state everything I am just informing people don’t judge a book by its cover just cuz something is reported on social media or in the news doesn’t mean it’s all true and doesn’t mean there isn’t more to the story ????

  12. Ale Mejia

    Sabina Mohr yeah I believe so, the article states the name Michael Hall

  13. Sabina Mohr

    Ale Mejia hadn’t read it yet, was reading all the comments. He is known as “Marijuana Mike” in our community. Doesn’t really hide it cause I guess he thought he was set up legit.

  14. Ale Mejia

    Sabina Mohr yep I’ve heard people call him that too, i know him from Dumas walker. He showed us his plants a while back but had no idea there were that many !! ????????

  15. Parker Live Updates

    Sammy I’ll be glad to report on any of the other facts or correct the record if anything in this piece is wrong. Thanks!

  16. Sammy Lassabe

    Not everyone needs to know everything but thanks

  17. It is Parker everyone knows everything

  18. Sharon Roberts

    Sammy Lassabe then why say anything?

  19. Garrett Cobb

    Lmao. I knew that douchebag personally and those are the facts

  20. Garrett Cobb

    So because he sold you weed, those are not the facts. Give me a break. Dude grew outside the law and it caught up with him. Pretty factual

  21. Jennilee Martin

    Then why say anything all Sammy … Hahaha ….

  22. Jennilee Martin

    All eyes on am lol the comments

  23. Shun Ploos

    fake news just kidding guy

  24. Corey Lynn Nash

    Where did all the comments go?

  25. Lisa Engel-Delancy

    Cops posted the news about the TWO busts in big river.NIXEL

  26. Karma…. ???????????? thanks, Beetle! I’m dyin

  27. Lona Neda Nopah

    Oh ,wait ,did they pass the law marijuana is legal ? Lol hum

  28. Candi Evans

    There’s always more to the story, blah blah blah, they weren’t all his, he was holding them for a friend. He didn’t know it wasn’t legal, they told him it was. Oh, oh , oh and um the cops weren’t fair blah blah can’t wait to hear the rest of the story like maybe in court.

  29. Candi Evans

    You do know Parker Live gets their facts from law enforcement right?

  30. Candi Evans

    lmao, “it’s not a laughing matter”, well duh because if this idiot didn’t have a record he does now and if he did, it’s now that much worse. SMDH

  31. Seriously? It is just weed for the love of God! Now lets talk about all the drunks around this place!

  32. Jose Pizarro

    That sucks..!! Who’s gonna eat all the Munchie Meals at the new Jack-in-the-Box in Parker now. lol

  33. Owen Adams

    Well..pretty much…who cares about the weed…this is where its just stupid…if you’re a felon….don’t have a gun…there’s a fact..
    “Hall was arrested for possession of stolen property, felon in possession of a firearm”

  34. Sammy. Must be a Donald Trump supporter. More fake news

  35. Sammy if its not your place to tell the whole story you shouldnt have said anything at all.

  36. Stephanie Hope Rueda

    weed is not what people should be worried about in this town

  37. Lisa Engel-Delancy

    And which of his TWO ids did he give them? He grew pot out doors in correct opposition to the laws. Get a card do the damn thing legally. Anyone can look up there laws and make a choice . His drywall business just didn’t support him.

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