Free limes at Maya’s – ALL GONE

UPDATE 2:30pm – Limes are all gone.

Maya’s bar and restaurant in Parker, AZ has 100 boxes of free limes to give away Monday, after a trucker dropped them off at their establishment.

A spokesperson for the restaurant said they want to give them to the community, and said there’s plenty to go around. “They are large, ripe, green limes,” she said.

She told Parker Live that people should bring a bag and fill it, taking only as much as they will use so none are wasted. Maya’s is on Riverside Drive in Parker and is open until 9:30pm.


  1. Apparently, there isn’t plenty. I just came from Maya’s and was told no limes.

  2. Just verified – they’re all gone. Thanks and sorry you missed them!

  3. Don’t bother just left there was told they didn’t have any.

  4. Reneé Reyna Lopez

    Yes I would love some but have no way to go get some

  5. Mona Reyna Duran

    I’ll see if they still have some when I get off work

  6. Marie DeLeon

    I love ❤️ the food and people there

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