Standoff in Big River leads to domestic violence arrest

A man was arrested Wednesday in Big River for assaulting his girlfriend and pointing a firearm at her and their children, threatening to kill them.

Deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Colorado River Station responded to the 7300 Block of Oneida Trail in Big River for a domestic battery investigation involving Christopher Worthy and his live-in girlfriend. During the investigation, deputies learned that Worthy was armed with a handgun and he threatened to kill himself and shoot at deputies if they came to his home.

Deputies arrived at the home and found him hiding in a shed on the property. Worthy refused to come out peacefully and threatened to kill the deputies and himself. While deputies were attempting to talk Worthy out of the shed, he fired a single shot from his handgun.

Deputies negotiated with Worthy for several hours until the Sheriff’s Specialized Enforcement Division arrived. SWAT deputies were able to talk Worthy out of the shed and he was taken into custody, unharmed.

Several firearms and an explosive device were found inside the shed and home. One of the firearms was found to have been previously reported as stolen. During the search of the property, deputies also located drug paraphernalia consistent with methamphetamine use. Detectives from the Sheriff’s Bomb and Arson Division responded to render the explosive device safe.


  1. Danny Crayton

    Law-enforcement did a great job. He even fired a shot and he wasn’t fired upon. I hope the family is ok.

  2. Sandi Du Vall

    He deserves to go to jail. Good job San Bernardino county sheriff’s

  3. Excellent! Another tweaker off the streets for hopefully life! Glad no one was seriously injured. Now go rot!

  4. Sammy Lassabe

    He fired a shot through the roof of his shed not at the deputy’s.

  5. Annie Liles

    Wonderful job by law enforcement!

  6. John Parlato

    Does not matter he fired a shot. He is lucky is is still alive.

  7. Parker has become very violent these past years..our law enforcement did a good job..but we the community need to stand strong together push for the nation’s toughest laws on drugs..we are living in the high intensity drug trafficking area..and so many of us have suffered the ultimate loss cause of drugs already

  8. Pam De Leon Cox

    Duh ! Once a shot is fired and kids involved that’s enough to be arrested. Hats off and a big thank you San Bernardino Sheriffs for the safety of my family and the other neighbors safety.

  9. I live on the 7100 of Oneida Trail. The street is a half mile long. Never saw or heard a thing. Not sure the street name is correct.

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