Viewfinder: Controlled brush burn south of Parker

The Colorado River Indian Tribes Fire Department oversaw a controlled burn Monday just south of the town of Parker, clearing brush from a field adjacent to the Ahakav Tribal Preserve. Photos by Parker Live. Click to enlarge.


  1. Katey Lynn Twardowski

    There’s no more information about this?

  2. Mario De Leon

    I stopped to see them do work great job guys

  3. JM Tavizon

    Is that Shatto?…
    Looks like someone owes us Lunch!????

  4. Holly Farrell

    Sue MacArthur Hansen Hayes, it’s a controlled burn

  5. Judy Jarvie

    There is a fire now on Thursday. What is that?

  6. Jane Kendall

    More like a out of controlled burn.

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