This former truck stop just went up for auction online


A prime piece of commercial real estate next to Interstate 10 in Quartzsite just went up for auction online, and there’s no reserve.

The property formerly known as Ted’s Truck Stop and Ted’s Bull Pen has frontage on Main Street in Quartzsite and on I-10, with a huge sign included. It’s almost 8 acres in total.

“It’s been there for many many years, it was an active business, a truck stop,” said District 2 La Paz County Supervisor Duce Minor. “They got into some trouble with contaminated soil, it’s all been remediated, it’s now good to go.”

The property is currently owned by La Paz County, which has listed it for sale at It includes some buildings, old gas pumps, a huge sign along the freeway, and 7.8 acres of land.

“Right now it’s not producing any revenue for anybody,” Minor said. “It should be a priority for us to get that back on the tax rolls.”

A full ‘due diligence package’ is available, outlining the history of the property and its cleared paperwork. A bidder deposit of $200 is required to register to bid, but there is no reserve on the property. The deposit ensures that only real bidders are participating in the auction.

The auction is live now and will come to a close on Wednesday, February 7th sometime between noon and 3pm. A ‘three-minute rule’ will apply to bids at the close of the auction; each time a bid is received the auction will be delayed by 3 minutes until a final bid is received unchallenged.

“I’ve seen them extend for up to an hour and a half before,” said George Cunningham, Designated Broker for the auction. The system means that nobody can ‘snipe’ by outbidding someone at the very last second.

Watch the auction yourself online HERE and see the winning bid on Wednesday at the site. The sale to the winning bidder will be ratified in formal approval of the La Paz County Board of Supervisors by vote.

Photos by Parker Live. Click to enlarge.


  1. Jody L Smithson Wilson

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a variety of shops and other small services there? How about a veterinarian? Health food and vitamins? Fed-Ex/UPS/Postal drop-off w/mail service? Car rental? Greyhound bus station? Or airport shuttle? C’mon people – add your list of places you’d like to have locally. Do we really need another “truck stop?”

  2. John Wright

    It doesn’t have to be a truck stop. It can be whatever the new owner wants it to be.

  3. Angie Cerda

    Interesting! Could be a great investment!

  4. Dawn Geddes-White

    Lester White
    …your next venture

  5. Interesting property, the possibilities are endless, the property could be nearly anything you could imagine. I would of had to come to town and see what was needed most and what might actually be a profit driven enterprise. Without knowing what the town is about it is a hard sell. I actually have a couple ideas since it is right on the freeway. (1) Start from scratch and build a smart new traveler center with particular attention on a nice but budget hotel. Not fancy but functional and practical. Run a diesel and gas rewards program for lodging discounts. Stay at hotel a specific number of times get discount at the small but well managed eatery. Make fueling and truck parking easy. And showers they can rent. Have items long haulers need but not a lot of food or drink so they go to your eatery. A trucker wash with employees to do more detail kinds of work and a couple do it your self bays for cars from town and travels too. And if your really ambitious have a Small laundry facility.
    (2) Break it down into a number of businesses that would serve the town and travelers. Both these ideas will require a heavy investment in advertisement and publicity to promote the project. It will have to be an ongoing drive to get the attentions of travelers starting several miles before exit in both directions about every mile or so to keep praying pro and reminded and engaged.
    Lastly attention to detail, quality, And good friendly service will bring them in word of mouth and loyal return customers. A really good general manager who is cost effective is pretty essential too. Lots of venture capital needed above initial sale price. But a well planned well managed and well advertised project could certainly thive.

  6. Strip joint to put the women in town to work.

  7. Good grief. This property is in Quartzsite. Sure the possibilities are endless, in a dying town full of truck stops and fast food restaurants. Have at boys, I’ll hang on to my money.

  8. Judy Dwiggins Hickey

    Clyda Seidel, please show Ed.

  9. Nobody who was in Quartzsite last weekend would have any credibility describing it as a ‘dying town’.

  10. JW that town has been dying for years. Retirees today have money. They want shopping for the wife, gambling golf courses and resturants. Palm Desert, Tucson etc. Are a few that come to mind. Most of the stuff for sale in Quartzsite is available on eBay, or other websites and cheaper. , stop by Quartzsite in February through November and let me know how busy it is. It is closed.

  11. Dave. Best idea yet. LOL.

  12. How about a drive in Theater out side and a hot dog shack , ice cream parlor, and an indoor movie house.

  13. The property sold for $476,000 with 63 bids, many from the same person. The FCV was $971,930

  14. This will answer a lot of questions regarding who bought it. An RV Dealer. All this information is public information.

    According to La Paz County recorder it was purchased by Crazy Heart Properties, LLC. . from California

    From California Secretary of State:
    California Limited Partnership, doing business as Mr. Motorhome , operates under various names: Crazy-Heart-Properties,-LLC-916-920-1050

    Mr Motorhome
    1601 El Camino Ave
    Sacramento, CA 95815
    (916) 920-1050

    Crazy Heart Properties, LLC
    9501 East Stockton Boulevard
    Elk Grove, CA 95624
    Phone: (916) 920-1050

    Industry: Recreational Vehicle Dealers

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