Bill Williams swells after Army Corps release

A release of water from Alamo Lake swelled the Bill Williams River this week as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers prepared for maintenance and repairs on the dam.


The maximum flow on the Bill Williams was seen Thursday, with around 5000 cubic feet per second coming through the dam. A sharp drop-off in flow is planned for the latter part of the week. The flow was designed to mimic a natural flood event.

Parker Live‘s video and photographs were taken at the Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge and Planet Ranch.

See our background story HERE.

A regularly-updated release info page is available HERE.


  1. Very sad when they plan this during the fish spawn at Alamo lake….they very well could have waited a month or two. There is no way they can justify doing it during spawn.

  2. Great shots!

  3. To put it into perspective, 5000 cfs is about half of this weeks average water release’s from Parker Dam flowing south past Headgate Rock Dam.

  4. Great coverage John!

  5. So messed up to do that this time year for the spawning bass and crappie. Bad choice and poor form!!!! It’s gonna have a huge impact on the fishery! Disgusting!

  6. J Shannon Tunnell

    Blame it on the county for attempting to reopen their right-of-way through Cohen Ranch. As a casual observer I would venture to say that someone doesn’t want the road from the mouth up to Mineral Wash opened up.

  7. Check this out… and show Dave.
    Some of this was right where we were today.

  8. I’m kayaking that shit tomorrow

  9. I was there today and thought the same thing… That water was moving

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