Parker kid on TV, cops crash his birthday

Cristian Alvarado wants to be a cop. His 6th birthday party was ‘crashed’ by members from several local law enforcement agencies, giving him what he told his mom was the best birthday ever.

The police gave him his birthday present – a new puppy called Sergeant – and he ended up being featured on multiple state TV news outlets.

Cristian’s mom Maria works at Crossroads Café in Parker. Owner Lawny Reese-Caracci told Parker Live she had watched the little boy grow up.

“You will find him seating guests at Crossroads sometimes,” she said. “He started helping his mom at Bobby D’s when he was 2 years old and never stopped. We can’t keep him away! But his true passion is being a police officer. He recently told me he got a second job with the police department and won’t be able to work as much at Crossroads.”

Lawny added that Cristian understands the role of the police and truly appreciates them at his young age. He visits the station, takes them cookies and water and goes to all their events.

“He’s something else,” she said.

When Parker Live showed up to take the featured photograph, Cristian immediately saluted without being asked. He was on 3TV News at the time.


  1. Carolyn Glenn

    What a wonderful thing to do for this little man. Thank you all for your service.

  2. Hope Marie Slaughter

    He id adorable ! He stopped by CRIT PD the day before his birthday and I asked him if he was going to work with us when he gets bigger he said “Yes, and i won’t need backup” ????????????

  3. Gloria Palazzo

    Thanks to all the law enforcement that attended his party.

  4. someday cristian may well be a “Sergeant” he surely has no problem taking charge. hes always making sure the crossroads employees are doing their job if they’re not he lets them know and he writes them a warning ticket. (btw “sergeant” is name of puppy he got on his bday from officers). lawny..

  5. Rachel Espinosa

    That mamma is raising an amazing kid to become an amazing man one day ♥️

  6. Irma Alvarado

    So proud of the Law enforcement of Parker. Thank you for making his dream come true. You guys are AMAZING!!!!!!!

  7. Caroline Alcaida

    I saw it on the TV news. So cute.

  8. Irma Alvarado

    Caroline Alcaida it was so cute. He made all the networks news channels

  9. Susy Alvarado

    Talk about a birthday to never forget! Thank you to all of those who helped make my nephew’s day even more special, you guys are truly a blessing to our family! He is absolutely in love with his puppy (Sergeant). Our family is forever indebted with our local law enforcement, thank you so very much!!

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