LISTEN: This man has been bicycling for the last 6 years

We often have people coming through Parker, AZ on their travels across America, and often for a cause. In this case, Stephen Swift, an Oregon man, is on the last leg of a 6-year journey across the country.

Stephen began his journey in 2012 after losing his wife in a car crash, having his daughter in a coma for 3 months and being diagnosed with cancer for a second time. He took to the road and hasn’t lived at home since.

He travels with a bicycle trailer, a tent and some sleeping bags and says he’s doing it to support cancer patients and survivors, and to connect with them.

But on Friday, John sat Stephen down in studio in Parker to ask him about the deeper story behind his ride. Listen above.


  1. Terilyn Gary

    I just felt like running… Err biking…

  2. If you ever end up in Michigan and need any bike repairs, I would be glad to donate the repair work for your cause. Thanks Steve for your compassion.

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