Yoga and Pilates at Sundance Saloon Thursdays

Yoga and Pilates classes aim to strengthen and lengthen the body, and address and improve overall health, according to Crystal, a Parker area instructor who is offering classes on the river.

“My background is in rehabilitation,” Crystal said. “My certifications include a 5-year yoga certification, 2-year Pilates certification, 3-year fascial certification, body reading certification, so I am able to figure out why things are happening with peoples’ bodies and address it with the right exercises.”

The classes are for groups but include individualized workouts, she says.

“Yes, back issues, bad knee, bad shoulder, I have a lot of people I’ve helped with those things. But the classes really are for all levels. For example, if you’re feeling more ‘Beginner’, I’ll give you one move, for people who are more advanced, it’ll be another move.”

Yoga comes in many varieties, but Crystal’s version is focused on strengthening and lengthening the body, which promotes the other health benefits that come from that. The same is true for her Pilates moves, which are part of the same classes.

“Adding this kind of exercise to your weekly routine is a key to solving a lot of the problems that people have and a lot of physical health, weight loss and other goals,” she said. “In some cases people have been able to prevent the need for surgery. I’ll do trigger pointing, getting rid of tight spots, lengthening the muscle, getting rid of the compression, so if the muscles are tight and have trigger points in them, then they’re pulling on joints a lot of times, and we can relieve that.”

The classes are now held at Sundance Saloon on Thursday mornings at 9 a.m. They’re for men and women of all ages, from children to the elderly, and can be customized as people go along.

“People should just show up,” Crystal said, adding, “You don’t have to reserve a spot, but you can email me if you want to.”

The areas used are outdoor by the river when the weather works, or indoors upstairs.

“It’s super peaceful and beautiful. And the one thing that everybody seems to say is that there’s a sense of community, a sense of nurturing, people care about the little things that are going on with each other and it’s really nice as you get to know some of the regulars who do the class together. It’s never the same workout routine week to week. You’ll find we do different exercises and stretching techniques each class.”

Crystal can be emailed at or you can reach her on Instagram.


  1. Sandee Hendry

    This is an awesome class and Crystal is an amazing instructor! This class is a lot of fun and you feel fantastic when you leave!

  2. Monique Mckay

    How neat! Any chance they might offer weekend classes?

  3. Parker Live Updates

    Hi Susan – It’s Thursdays at 9am.

  4. Parker Live Updates

    I believe Crystal said there’s the possibility in future, but it’s hard to do it consistently right now.

  5. Amanda Sowa

    Lol girl I can’t even get you to go for pedis and coffeee Thursday mornings hahaha???????????? we should start a routine though!

  6. Jill Comfort

    Will this still be going on in June by chance?

  7. Jillian DeHollander

    Hashanah so true! But it’s nice to think about hahaha

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