Officer shot in Quartzsite, assailant dead

An officer was reportedly shot in Quartzsite, AZ overnight, and is expected to live. The assailant is reported to be dead.

Although Quartzsite Police, the Department of Public Safety, the La Paz County Sheriff’s Department, Parker Police Department, Colorado River Indian Tribes Police and other agencies were involved, no information has been issued from any agency, and more details should be expected in due course.


  1. Prayers For A Speedy Recovery To The Officer Involved….

  2. Carol Wilson

    Happy officer will be ok. As for suspect, one less low life to feed in jail.

  3. Thank goodness the Police Officer is going to be okay. Crime is even getting worse in our little part of the world. Such a shame ! I am glad the Assailant didn’t make it. No need to waste money to prove he was innocent when he proved he was guilty. Sorry someone lost their love one though! Better the Criminal then the Police.

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