Is someone purposely trying to harm boaters?

A river-goer in Parker, AZ made an alarming discovery last weekend: several of these floating boobytraps not far from Parker Dam.

“I was on a jetski today and I saw four of these floating in the water up river about a half mile down from Parker Dam,” a Facebook user called Maria posted to a Parker-area page. “I could only grab two of them. My gawd!!! Why would you want to do this and cause danger to a boat, the props of boats and harm boaters???”

Several theories emerged online after the photos began circulating. One was that someone was trying to create some DIY buoys to let river users know about a shallow corner near Parker Dam. Others thought they may have been part of something bigger that came untethered.

But the most pernicious explanation was that the devices were intentionally placed to cause harm to boaters and other river users, many of whom travel at some speed on the Parker Strip. The impact of the heavy locks on propellers, or on wakeboarders, skiers or others, would be unpredictable and potentially deadly.

Do you know who put these in the river, or for what purpose? Get in touch with Parker Live, anonymously if you wish, by going HERE.


  1. Set as markers for a make-shift jet-ski slalom course. Hazard to navigation, and illegal marking of the waterway.

  2. Scott Wensel

    Horrible sick people !

  3. Rodrigo Hernandez

    Yea I know babe I’m glad I didn’t take the boat out

  4. Patti Marie

    Its on Havasu Onions and Orchids. I’ve already shared it on my Public page with hashtags.
    This is beyond sick. ????

  5. Lizette Ortiz Peralta

    crazy ass people!! ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️

  6. Dave Humphrey

    Yeah I didn’t see one of those this weekend, but they do look pretty menacing

  7. Anthony John Moody Nelson

    Someone on another one of the posts mentioned that private marinas and boat slips use similar looking setups to prevent trespassing. I assume all the locks are to allow people that can use the marina/slips access (each person has a lock). Now how it got loose and into the river if it is something along those lines no idea. Also besides boaters this could cause issues at the dams I would think. I hope this was some bizarre accident and not intentional malicious action. Maybe one of the private docks can help sort this issue.

  8. Gary Russell

    If more than one has been verified, it is not an accident.

  9. Netera LeMaster

    So what is it suppose to do ?

  10. Lorena Hubbard Thompson

    I’m curious too? Propeller damage I’m thinking?

  11. Everyone has an opinion, but let me tell you something, they are 100% thrown in the river to cause damage to us boaters ! if it was for slalom course for jet ski’s they would NOT be floating all over the river they would be anchored and why wouldn’t they have a orange buoy if they were ? They have nothing to do with a Marina , Parker’s only one is at the Casino , These were dropped in up at Parker Dam and my sister Maria Pappas seen them and got them out of the water and luckily they didn’t not make it that far, she also noticed a few more that were a few feet down and could not get to them , so there are more of them out there that need to be found , Me and My sister both volunteer for the tube float and pick up trash so we are very observant and vigilant on the river when it comes to spotting something that does not belong in the water , If any locals in the area that can spare the time during the day while boating or jet sking can go scan the river and keep and eye out for a few more we all would appreciate the help , I would assume they haven’t made it to Fox’s yet and would be all up river from there !
    Thank You Sincerely Nick Danger ! 🙂

  12. Brian Humeumptewa

    It supposed to get get caught upon the propeller and when it caught, it like a rope on a bike when its tied to under the seat, try to ride u will fly off the bike its the same thing with the. Boat when it caught ir tangle up they’re supposed to fall out of the, boat and cause a accident.

  13. Lorri Franklin

    I really hope we get to the bottom of this …. It’s a scary thought that someone would be planting these on purpose to cause harm. 🙁

  14. Kimberly Rowland

    That’s horrible!! I sure hope they find who is responsible for these!! So glad no one was hurt by them!! Thank you to the person who was able to get some of them!!

  15. Jeff Sorensen

    I think that is exactly what happened. That is a very expensive amount of locks for a malicious act. Now someone may have pulled them up! LOL

  16. Jody Barr Oliver

    That’s why I’m not putting back the gate. Good to know.

  17. Julie Maddox

    There were four said the original post, seems unlikely it was an accident???

  18. Anthony John Moody Nelson

    Julie Maddox It did but that many locks seems like a rather expensive way to try sabotage not to mention using very visible noodle float. I am just saying it doesn’t always have to be done maliciously.

  19. April Gallup

    Could Fridays storm have knocked them loose? I don’t know how these types of things are used at docks/Marina’s. It’s an interesting theory and I hope it’s something accidental and not done to hurt anyone intentionally.

  20. Anthony John Moody Nelson

    April Gallup I have no idea how they do it either but if it was somehow broken loose by the storm they need to come up with a way to prevent whole sections of chains and locks and cables from getting loose. I find it more probable that it was human error not securing them properly.

  21. Marci Jezulin

    we need keep an eye out so we don’t run over these! Hopefully they got them all out!

  22. Laura Orr

    That’s messed up!

  23. Craig Baker

    Yes but not on the river yet

  24. Marianna Benner

    I had seen those too and I think I saw the jet ski or lady she seemed very concerned. I was just wondering what they were. Most of that property where they are in the river is US Government I’m not sure if that means MWD or Bureau of Reclamation one of their old ramps is there. I would surely wonder if they know something.

  25. Marianna Benner

    I also saw San Bernardino County Sheriff boat go by there and they didn’t seem concerned it all, they didn’t even stop to check them out so that’s weird! Maybe they know something. I just saw that on the weekend and thought it was odd.

  26. Cindy Paonessa Bell

    Just my opinion, but if they are booby traps meant to screw with boats, why would you float it on a neon green noodle? They make black styrofoam, which would be virtually invisible in the water.

  27. Ok, so if someone was trying to purposely destroy an outdrive, why are they so easily seen? Bright green? Why not brown, black or disguised a a reed?

  28. Cindy Paonessa Bell

    This one on the green noodle is a dock lock for multiple users. Look at the links.

  29. Maria Pappas

    Anthony John Moody Nelson – I am the one that saw 4 of them and could only pull out two because the other two were down too far under the water’s surface for me to lean over on my ski to get them.. so they were not “very visible” and wouldn’t be unless you were floating in your boat or ski or at a no wake speed. Plus, the locks were of different sizes as well as some newer, some old and rusty all bound and locked up and down the thick chain.

  30. Maria Pappas

    The first ones found were from me and you’re very welcome. I couldn’t believe what I was able to see and pull out of the river.

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