Rock House to be closed for maintenance

The Rock House Recreation Area, visitor center and boat launch, managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will not be available for public use from July 23rd to August 1st, 2018, in order to ensure safety during maintenance and repaving.

The parking lot repair will enhance the recreational experiences at the site and improve facilities. During the construction, parking, boat launching and other uses of the facilities will not be available.

Alternative nearby boat launches on the Parker Strip available to the public for a fee include Buckskin Mountain State Park and River Island State Park, in addition to other resorts along the river. Those available for free launch include the La Paz County -operated Cienega Springs and Patria Flats boat ramps.

The Rock House Recreation Area is located approximately 13 miles northeast of Parker, Arizona on Parker Dam Road and is on the California side of the river roughly opposite Patria Flats. The site provides river access, a boat launch, shaded benches, a visitor center, and restrooms. Visitors use the site year-round and has an on-site BLM volunteer in winter months.


  1. Jeff Bennett

    Hopefully they will clear the reeds back too !!

  2. Wouldn’t repairing a boat launch make more sense in the winter time when there’s obviously less boats being launched? Just thinking, I apologize for that…

  3. Alan Nelson

    The reeds are protection for native, endangered fish fry, from large mouth and striped bass. No way the Corps of Engineers would let them tear them out.

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