Solar cars roll through Parker

If you were on the roads to or from the Parker Strip over the weekend, you may have run across slow-moving traffic marked with signs designated “solar car”.

Photos: Solar Car Challenge on Facebook

The route for the 2018 Solar Car Challenge included AZ-72 and CA-62, which meant that the event came right through Parker, AZ. The Challenge is the top project-based STEM initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) helping motivate high school students to innovate.

Over 15 months, teams from all over the country design and build their solar cars before racing them in the summer event. This year’s event runs 1300 miles from Fort Worth, TX to Palmdale, CA. The teams started on July 17th and are now nearing the final legs of their journey.

More photos below, courtesy of the Solar Car Challenge.


  1. Carolyn Hall

    Sure wish it had been “news” before, instead of after!

  2. Sam Fort

    On the way home from Parker Mon., passed them in Yucca Valley, very impressive.

  3. Brian Gwin

    Saw them on rice road Sunday afternoon

  4. Lyndora Miller

    Saw them come through Bouse

  5. Britney Rae

    Russell Gonzalez this must have been what Chris and Kassandra saw

  6. Kassandra Melendez

    Omg! Yes we passed at least 6 groups. You guys didn’t see them?

  7. Britney Rae

    Kassandra Melendez nope! We got stuck behind an idiot towing that pulled over in soft sand and got stuck

  8. Kassandra Melendez

    Oh no! It was really hard to pass these guys too. Several of their own cars were passing each other and driving in the opposite side lane for awhile. We had to hang back for a bit because it was getting dangerous.

  9. Janice Atzinger

    I was in Wickenberg several years ago when we saw solar cars drive past us. Really something you need to see…

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