Over 1700 marijuana plants seized in Big River and Vidal

The Marijuana Enforcement Team of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department seized 1,709 cannabis plants at two locations in Big River and the town of Vidal, CA and arrested a man.

On Tuesday, investigators from the team served two search warrants at locations in the unincorporated communities. Both locations had outdoor marijuana cultivations on the property. In addition to the live plants, 19 pounds of processed marijuana were seized during the service of the search warrants. Investigators reportedly located evidence showing the locations are linked.

Caig Schaffnit, a 70 year old male resident of Big River, was arrested in connection with the raids.

According to a Sheriff’s statement, the investigation revealed the marijuana cultivations were “not in compliance with California’s Medical and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) and/or San Bernardino County’s ordinance prohibiting Commercial Cannabis Activity.” San Bernardino County has an ordinance prohibiting commercial cannabis activity, which includes growing marijuana plants outdoors. San Bernardino County Code Enforcement personnel will assist in the notifications to the property owners to make them aware of the violations occurring on their property, according to the release.

The first location was 4 vacant parcels near the intersection of Old Parker Road and Citrus Ranch Road in Vidal, where 1,637 marijuana plants were seized. In the second location, the 149000 block of Del Rey Drive in Big River, 72 plants and the 19 pounds of processed marijuana were seized.

Property owners who are growing marijuana, or are aware their tenants are growing marijuana on their properties, in violation of the state law and local ordinances may also be subject to fines, prosecutions, civil or criminal sanctions.


  1. Amber Lynn

    It’s just pot, let it grow.

  2. Netera LeMaster

    More crime for some people though

  3. Noe Banuelos

    There’s so much other crap they can be spending better time and resources on then just marijuana. We can use allot more green out here.

  4. David Stover

    God forbid people help other people with one of the most beneficial substance known. Way to Protect and Serve. Legal limit or not, there are far worse situations happening in our town.

  5. Tina Runkle

    Why? Let it grow! It’s cannibis! What’s the big deal?

  6. David Stover

    Never mind that half of Parker is addicted to opiates, let’s focus on marijuana.

  7. Ambrose Buford

    Marijuana can impair people too.

  8. Laurie Tomasino

    It’s a plant for crying out loud.

  9. Jacob Foreman

    And yet you can buy a handle of Jack Daniel’s at any supermarket.

  10. Star Soldiers

    Seriously though… we aren’t talking about a guy growing a dozen plants in his basement, we are talking about a guy with an illegal farm with 1700 plants. You realize the taxes he is cutting the state out of? Dude should have went thru the process to be a commercial grower. Obviously he’s talented enough.

  11. David Stover

    So can alcohol, and perception drugs. Your point being?

  12. Jeffrey Alan

    David Stover I love the river though

  13. David Stover

    Can’t beat it man. We have some of the best sunsets as well.

  14. Jeffrey Alan

    David Stover we got the sunsets here in San diego

  15. Terilyn Gary

    It’s a weed, it’ll be growing all over

  16. Linda Moorhead

    They have grown legal tobacco in the southern states for a few hundred years. So let them grow the “whacky tobaccy” wherever. What’s the problem?

  17. Amber Lynn

    Linda Moorhead right!!!!

  18. You Guys Need To Focus On Getting The Heroin Off The Streets More Then Busting Someone for Growing Weed A 70yr old man Come On Really for weed it doesnt kill people its a plant but heroin does focus on that people my gosh what is wrong with people!!! Weed is a freaking plant but heroin isnt and its killing people its a man made drug worry about that why dont you guys!!!

  19. Wow for a state that is the leader of the cannabis trade still busting old Hippies

  20. ???? OMG that’s my sister’s fiancé ????

  21. Guess he didn’t think he’d get caught!

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