Viewfinder: BLM burro roundup in photos

The Bureau of Land Management conducted an emergency ‘gather’ of wild burros on the Parker Strip in the last week to reduce the size of the local population.

All photos courtesy Greg Albaugh, who tells Parker Live he counted around 67 burros in the pictured area (BLM said they intended to gather 100).


  1. Carol Fence

    So cute!! I wish i had a place to adopt one!!!

  2. Susan Georges Harrington

    Alicia Jensen there are some babies.

  3. Mary Haskell

    I hope they grabbed the Mama’s along with all
    those babies. So sad ???? ????????

  4. Lisa Stewart

    Please take them to the Sanctuary in New Mexico ????????????????

  5. Dara Dara

    Where do they go?? This is so sad. I love them

  6. May Toler

    I heard they take them to get adopted

  7. Cynthia Holland

    You can buy them back as a steak after their trip to the Mexican slaughter house. So sad. They were never given a chance

  8. Renee Palermo


  9. Cynthia Holland

    Not a PETA or HSUS. I believe in animal welfare not animal rights. We are not a empathetic nation, anymore

  10. Please, please tell us that they are to be relocated or put up for adoption!

  11. Jared Pena

    They take them to ridgecrest give them all their Vaccinations then set them up for adoption. I just talked to one of the guys yesterday

  12. Janelle Davidson

    Gawd!! Sooooo sad! Babies too. ????

  13. Justin Frawley

    They kill them????????. No such thing as a farm or relocation. That is a B.S Public relation tag-line.

  14. Brian Locklin

    That was BLM before, I am sure they will
    Cover their tracks better this time.

  15. Lane Loll

    I don’t understand why the BLM doesn’t geld the stallions and stop the continued births, then every few years let a grown out colt remain in tact to let a few foals be born to sustain a manageable herd size.
    These round ups are bad – there’s dim futures for most.

  16. I completely understand how much everyone loves and adores our wild burros but it has become unsafe for us and them on our highway. I know this because I’ve worked and lived on the river. Unfortunately my husband avoided hitting 3 burros and killed one on a early morning drive to work. I’m praying these little guys find their way to a loving family or sanctuary! My only advice, don’t feed them on the roadside! Don’t stop and take pictures on the highway, pull into one of the day use parks (they are there!) and visit!

  17. Loretta Flaherty

    Awe it looks like Rowan’s favorite “floppy ear” is leaving ????

  18. Kelly Ogilvie

    I don’t care what terms they use this is nothing but a “Death sentence” for these animals. They will be actioned off to be slaughtered.

  19. Elane Alewyn

    Humane euthanizintion is far better than starvation. Population must be controlled on BLM land and we can no longer slaughter here in the US. What would you suggest. We adopted a burro and a few months later she foaled. The two lived out their life on our farm.

  20. Elane Alewyn

    H$U$ would end their lives in a heartbeat. This organization is dedicated to putting an end to all pet ownership, period!

  21. Elane Alewyn

    $$$$$ cost would be prohibitive

  22. Lane Loll

    Elane Alewyn gelding the stallions could not cost more than round up, transport, vaccinations and homing/feeding until adoption.
    They could even bring in vet school students to save costs.

  23. This is no different than having deer hunting seasons in the mid west! Over population of any species has negative effects on all living things in the area! Would you rather have burro hunting become legal?!

  24. Barbara Gilbert Barrett

    That’s good to know as long as there not slaughtered I just love all the Burrows

  25. Todd Leaverton

    This is a waste of our resources, leave them alone and find something productive to do.

  26. Jared Pena

    The gentleman i talked to is a great guy and has land for them to live on till they get adopted

  27. Mary Haskell

    I was thinking the same thing.

  28. Cynthia Holland

    That’s right, Elaine Alwyn. And a truck to MX is not humane either.

  29. Cynthia Holland

    I’m really not anti slaughter (I don’t love it either.) I am against the inhumane treatment

  30. I know that they are adopted out to nice families. My boss has adopted 3 of them now . and another friend has two. I wish I were set up for a couple.

  31. Elane Alewyn

    We really need to reopen horse slaughter houses in the US. It would be the most humane.

  32. Read up on E. Coli !

  33. No slaughterhouses for horses or burros.
    There are plenty of videos online that show the horrible death, immobilizing the horses,severing the spinal cord and then butchering them while they are still alive,sawing off their legs,stabbing them on their sides to tenderize the meat.
    This is barbaric, there is nothing humane about a slaughterhouse period!!!!!!

  34. Diane Baker

    i may be way misinformed…but i was understanding that thee donkeys were relocated or adopted so they would`nt cause so many accidents on our busy road(calif. 95)… but i think your friend lane loll is on the right tract!!!

  35. Alanna Ulrich Adams

    BLM you freaking suck.. Those burros were here first, they have a right to be here. Your relocating them is utter bullc#$@.. No respect for you or your inhumane treatment of any of our local wildlife….

  36. Why are so many people SO ignorant ! These poor animals ‘either’ go to SLAUGHTER immediately … OR … Auction. Those that don’t get adopted at Auction go to SLAUGHTER. Not to mention those that died during the inhumane round -up. DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE ! BLM is NOT a friend of any animal. Same goes for the round-ups for the wild Horses. It’s ALL about the Ranchers and using the land for their grazing Cattle/ Sheep. Everyone should be doing their part in doing the research and writing, calling and doing whats right for the wild Burros and Horses. PLEASE ! ????

  37. Scott Stutsman

    People would rather freak out, cry, bitch, piss, moan, call people names and be mean than learn the facts.

  38. Ive always looked forward to the donkeys. They do not harm anyone at all. I feel they were here first they should stay. It’s not right to take them away try to adopt them and if they aren’t adopted then sent to a be put down. My dad has trained has trained a few to do a few tricks. There are a lot of locals who actually look out for them when they are on the roads and take them to the off road areas. They comply and are very friendly

  39. Anna Maiden

    What the heck – these guys were just wandering the strip

  40. Can’t they be saved????

  41. The roundups are, unfortunately, necessary. If people would stop feeding them from their freakin’ cars, that would be a great first step. If people would stop wanting to pet them from their cars or the side of the road, that would be a great first step. If people would slow the hell down when driving upriver, that would be a great first step. It’s horrible to see them killed.
    The burros were brought here as work animals, when they built the dam and let go when they finished. Until BLM is willing (or pressured) to try other avenues, this is it. If you want a change, write to BLM, call them, write your representatives to make changes and vote for people willing to do that.
    Also, BLM needs to put in place resources and/or the ability for people to care for injured burros, since trying to get ahold of anyone is harder than an audience with the Pope. :-/

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