La Paz County Sheriff’s deputy arrested

A deputy with the La Paz County Sheriff’s Department has reportedly been arrested after allegations against him surfaced, demanding an outside review.

The nature of the alleged crime is unconfirmed, but was evidently serious enough that the Sheriff’s Department asked Yuma County Sheriff’s Department to conduct an investigation. Detectives with Yuma County reportedly responded, conducted an investigation and then placed Deputy John Gomez under arrest.

Gomez was reportedly booked into the La Paz County Jail and was later released from the Parker Justice Court.

More information may be released when available.


  1. Let’s not belabor the bone of contention.

  2. Rayeann Solano

    As if his day hasn’t been completely miserable, Parker live is in such a hurry to blast something like this, even before having the full information. This isn’t news. This actually makes me sick and makes me dislike this town. People need to start thinking more about the individuals involved instead of rushing for media attention… there was no need to post this until further information was gathered.. this leaves room for gossip and accusations and this town needs NO MORE of that….

  3. Ambrose Buford

    It is undeniable that a law enforcement officer being arrested is news. It would be news anywhere in the United States of America. It is also understandable his family and friends would not want others to know about it and that shows tremendous loyalty which is admirable. The devil is in the details; maybe the details will be good for him and maybe the details will not be good for him. Only the good lord knows the answers because we are mere imperfect mortals trying to make sense of it all. My request is that no one be sickened and we all hold our heads high.

  4. Jessica Caswell

    Unfortunately this IS news & if it was a bigger news market, it’d make air.

  5. Rayeann Solano

    U may be right. Just news I have zero interest in reading. I just care about people’s well being and sometimes media jumps the gun not taking that into consideration… but maybe that’s not their job… I just find it to be no one’s business but those involved at this stage but I could be wrong…

  6. Alan Nelson

    Sorry Rayeann. I do not agree. If this had not been released, the Sheriff and the Department would have been accused of cover-up and favoritism. Every person arrested is made public on KLPZ (or at least used to be). If it was an internal investigation, which it started out as, then maintaining privacy is absolutely called for. But once an arrest is made, it is public record, and in order to provide full openness and transparency, the release is the right thing to do.

  7. Parker Live Updates

    Alan is right. We release what we can about newsworthy issues to the public and ask authorities for more information, which we’re doing now. I don’t know a single news organization that would’ve known about the arrest of an officer in a community and failed to report it in a timely way.

  8. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    You would think this would be a matter of public record as it would be for any other citizen. If I were arrested, which would never happen by the way, the charges and the bail hearing would be public knowledge from the beginning. The 14th Amendment states clearly that there can be no special rights for any group that we are all bound by the same rights and due process.

  9. Britni Quinn

    Public record yes, news article? No. Not every arrest made in this town is then broadcasted via Parker Pioneer, Parker Live etc. but because he is an officer the public must be notified? Seems backwards to me. How about we take into consideration the time he’s spent protecting our community into consideration and respect some boundaries because he IS an officer.

  10. Parker Live Updates

    Britni, we at KLPZ report the name of EVERYONE booked into the La Paz County Jail. But yes, the arrest of a law enforcement officer is inherently more newsworthy than the average arrest. Sorry if that offends you somehow but it’s just the way it is.

  11. Dan Bury

    But never tribal members

  12. Parker Live Updates

    Dan Bury Tribal members are much tougher. Just yesterday I asked CRIT for details of an incident involving tribal members, knowing that I probably wouldn’t be given any information. I still haven’t heard back. There’s much less transparency.

  13. I think Parker Live does what they normally do, release information, as they recieve it. It does say, alleged crime is unconfirmed, which should lead readers to believe additional information is coming, only a matter of time. Not knowing what the actual charges are, I think it ‘s odd people are already defending him. Law Enforcement is held to a higher standard and whatever the charges may be, obviously there was enough probable cause for Yuma to make an arrest and that alone should tell the readers there some validity to whatever occurred.

  14. Rayeann Solano

    I stand corrected, this is news… Parker live does a great job of keeping this community informed on events- good and bad. I just think it was a little soon and I was trying to consider all parties involved. But for those that are interested in this story and all related news-carry on… after all, my comment was only my opinion after all. (Which actually isn’t news.. ha) ???? I have high respects for the author of this website and local news and enjoy reading about all the neat things going on in our community. I’ll try not to let the “not so positive” news bother me so much next time… carry on all!

  15. Sexual abuse & sexual assault are some serious charges.
    Smh…get rid of all them crooked cops

  16. Scott Dunlap

    Wait till the whole story is public then we will see if parker live is true to their words. And I hope everything is fair across the board. Because common sense tells me that there is more to this story than a rape. I’m not buying that this deputy raped anyone.

  17. As soon as the name of the individual that accused him of such thing is brought to light, we will know that he did no such thing. I understand keeping the victims safe but I believe they already had something going on. We should not act like we are better then anyone else, and that’s exactly what she did once she got her title.

  18. I think John does a good job of being as fair as he can be. Sadly some stories are just more newsworthy. I’m pretty sure if it was about a teacher it would make the news too. Just as it did here. Why? No idea because we are just mere mortals too. lol

  19. Carolyn Glenn

    This is,such a shame. He is,really a very nice and pleasant officer.

  20. exist an FBI investigation in that city specially in la Paz County Adult Detention Facility for deprivation of rights under color of law

  21. Oh BOO!!! HOO!!! SO FINLEY ONE OF THIER OWN GETS CAUGHT SLIPPING! This is great news, but is no big deal. He will have his day in court. After all aren’t we innocent until proven guilty. Ha! He’s got nothing to worry about.

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