Man’s jet ski joyride ends in arrest

A man joyrode several jet skis he stole from multiple locations on the Parker Strip Wednesday before being arrested by a Sheriff’s Sergeant with the help of Buckskin Fire Department.

Sergeant S. Maya from the La Paz County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to the area of Moovalya Keys north of Parker for a theft of a jet ski.

Upon his arrival, he learned that an unknown suspect or suspects had allegedly been stealing personal watercraft from homes along the river, joyriding for a period of time, stealing another jet ski and then swapping out, leaving the previously stolen one behind.

While Sergeant Maya was collecting the jet skis at the Sheriff’s Boating Safety Center and assisting the victims, the suspect traveled past in another stolen watercraft. Not having access to one of the Sheriff’s Patrol Vessels, the Buckskin Fire Department stepped up in their boat and offered to assist Sergeant Maya with apprehending the suspect, according to a Sheriff’s Department statement posted to Facebook.

They located the suspect walking away from the Roadrunner Floating Bar towards the alleged stolen jet ski. Sergeant Maya immediately exited the Buckskin watercraft and took the suspect into custody, identifying him as California resident Tony Brasil.

While preparing to transport Brasil back to the Boating Safety Center, Sergeant Maya was approached by a staff member from the Roadrunner Bar. At that time, he learned that the suspect, Brasil, had allegedly ordered food, drinks and cigarettes and then walked back to the stolen jet ski without paying.

Brasil was booked into the La Paz County Detention Facility for several counts of theft and evading arrest on a watercraft. He will be seen at the Parker Justice Court today for his initial appearance.

“I would like to point out what a great job Sergeant Maya did on this case,” said Sheriff’s Captain Curt Bagby in the statement. “He was able to improvise to make the arrest and ensure our local victims were reunited with their property. I would also like to thank the Buckskin Fire Department, Firefighters Weatherford and Kowolski, for their assistance in this matter.”


  1. Kaela Henderson

    Christina Holt too bad you weren’t working today!

  2. Cindy Pinette Garrison

    Great team work! ????❤️????????????

  3. Diane

    Glad they caught him. 2 yrs ago a couple of idiots thought it would be cool to race their jetskis inside of the keys. We watched them crash into the bridge. Police caught up with one guy at the clinic with a shattered ankle. He had stuck his foot out when he saw he was going to crash. Karma baby!

  4. Kimberly Rowland

    A HUGE Thank You to Law-enforcement!!! You guys Rock!!!

  5. Our jet ski was one of the jet skis that was stolen and we thank the entire Sherrif Department, especially Sargent Maya who was Amazing.
    Much Thanks. Job well done.????????????

  6. Kelly Ogilvie

    So they are investigating stolen water craft and they actually spot the guy cruise by on another watercraft, OMG CLASSIC????????

  7. Stephanie Nygard

    Bruce an Nygard McClellan Cathy

  8. Maggie McNamara

    Jerry Barbanell where’s your jet ski?!!

  9. Jerry Barbanell

    They found it tied up to a boat called “W**** L***”.

  10. Mary Sweikert

    Great job. Good partnership!

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