Property tax mistake to leave entities short



A mistake in property tax values will leave fire departments, schools and county departments short of their projected budgets for the current fiscal year, Parker Live has learned.

The La Paz County Assessor’s Office, which is responsible for appraising and valuing taxable property countywide, reportedly made a mistake earlier this year when locking in the values of ‘business personal property.’ This led to a projected total appraised value of around $218 million, which, it turns out, was inaccurately high due to the error. The correct value is approximately $203 million, which means the resulting tax revenue for the entities will be less than projected.

Since February, fire departments, schools, Arizona Western College, sanitation districts, other districts and the County Board of Supervisors have all based their budgets on this projected revenue.

For the Board of Supervisors, the error means their $28 million budget will be short by over $360,000 for the year. For Arizona Western College, the shortfall will be a reported $400,000. Quartzsite Elementary School may be short by $94,000.

Because the error was made in the category of business personal property values, districts with higher numbers of businesses will be affected most. Business personal property includes the value of property that form a part of how entities do business, such as machinery, tools, equipment and supplies.

County Assessor Anna Camacho says she will speak to Parker Live after an Arizona Department of Revenue Property Tax Oversight Committee meeting in Phoenix on Monday evening, at which the issue will be addressed.

The issue does not affect taxpayers or how much they will pay, only departments and districts.


  1. Kim Alvarez

    What does this mean though? Departments and districts will be having to make extreme cuts to their budgets? Or is there money else where that is going to cover this mistake?

  2. Jim Mcewen

    Did Parker live miss the shooting at casino last weekend?

  3. Parker Live

    We heard about an incident not far from BlueWater RV Park, but no details released yet.

  4. Parker Live

    I’m not so sure that the cuts will be extreme, but their budgets had accounted for a bit more money than what they’ll be getting. (The exact amounts will vary by entity)

  5. Jim Mcewen

    Yea heard it from a few different people but figured if you guys didn’t pick it up maybe it didn’t happen. Beach at blue water, big Scuffle with a guy shooting a gun.

  6. RichnApril Epps

    You know this is a shame. These huge financial mistakes are devastating to our small county. This mistake will have lasting effects till July 2019 and beyond.

  7. Candi Evans-Alauria

    So who had their hands in this mistake?

  8. I hope the person (s) responsible for this are held accountable for their mistake. Other county employees must be held accountable for their indiscretions. Someone was hired and put in a position to do a job and do it correctly. We’ve had enough devastating financial mistakes over the years starting with Yakima law suit, what’s the result of Kathy Field law suit? And when is dear ol Dan Field going to file his cuz those two want what they think is coming to them.

  9. We should have an update on this after today’s ADOR meeting in Phoenix.

  10. Roxanne Sullivan

    Sounds like some one should lose their job!!!

  11. Where’s the update ?

  12. Parker live scoop!
    Big brawl at post office!!! Post Master licked a bunch of stamps. .there’s your update. . This community needs a real news source not a sugar coating ….

  13. Blacki- I have no idea what that means

    LKG- Update HERE.

  14. Stacy Hale

    As if this town didn’t have it hard enough… high five to the one that screwed it up for everyone!!

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