Assessment error amounts to a million dollars in revenue


La Paz County Assessor Anna Camacho says taxpayers will pay less this year due to the overstated valuations, but some taxing entities may choose to increase their tax rate next year. Full statement attached at bottom.


The accounting error at the La Paz County Assessor’s Office amounts to around a million dollars of tax revenue, according to documents reportedly presented to the Arizona Department of Revenue on Monday.

Various taxing districts within La Paz County will have their budgets affected, especially Parker Fire Department, Salome Elementary School, Ehrenberg Fire Department, Wenden Street Light Improvement District and Parker Unified School District, which saw the highest percentages of their budget disappear.

The money was never coming to the tax districts in the first place. The entities’ 2018/2019 budgets were based on an overestimate that was incorrect by a reported $1,053,099.99 of tax revenue. Because the error was made in the value of property known as ‘business personal property,’ it most affects those districts that have the highest number of businesses.

Parker Fire District’s budget will be down by 21 percent, according to the figures reportedly presented to the Arizona Department of Revenue Property Tax Oversight Committee at a Monday afternoon meeting in Phoenix. Salome Elementary School will be down 13 percent, Wenden Street Light Improvement District will be down 11 percent, Ehrenberg Fire District will be down by 9 percent and Parker Unified School District will be down by 8 percent.

Figures reportedly presented Monday

La Paz County Assessor Anna Camacho was a part of the meeting. She said that no action was taken at the meeting, only discussion, but that there were several takeaways:

“There may be a statute or precedence to make adjustments to the school district tax rates,” Camacho said, “however, this is up to the County School Superintendent, the County Finance Department, the County Administrator and Board of Supervisors. The Assessor’s Office will be standing by to see if the County School Superintendent and Board of Supervisors can identify the authority to do this and get this done. In the interim, the Assessor’s office is not able to make any address changes or value changes and the Treasurer’s office is at a standstill. Tax bills will also be delayed.”

Camacho drew attention to what she says is a staffing shortage in her office, saying that she is waiting for approval to hire more appraisers and adding, “We are hopeful the Board of Supervisors will realize how important it is to have adequate staffing in the Assessor’s Office.”

Camacho also apologized for the situation, saying she has addressed the issue.

“I am deeply sorry that the current situation finds us in such a difficult position,” she said. “I am hopeful we can learn from this and be able to move forward. Although my apologies will not help any of the entities with their shortfall, I have taken measures to ensure that this situation never happens again. I thank you all for your continued support and look forward to your feedback.”

Assessor’s Office full statement:

Assessor’s Update


  1. Parker Live

    Remember: This does NOT mean that a million dollars has been lost. Only that the total amount of the overestimate (on which La Paz tax entities based their 2018/2019 budgets) is around that number, according to documents presented in Phoenix yesterday.

  2. Noe Banuelos

    Right start cutting away in areas that have been over paid. Like nomore getting new vehicles every year so that they can drive to pizza hut or down the valley to chill. And start hiring a few people that actually work instead of rehiring groups that previously quit or got fired a few months back.

  3. Andy Neill

    So sad to see the county I love in dire straits like this.

  4. Stephanie Leivas

    Wow what is happening to my Parker?

  5. Can u say…ONE term for the county assessor. Suddenly the old one seems smart.
    But don’t worry tax payers, it won’t affect us…oh right. That’s a joke . Right?. I thought u were serious for a second. But your’re not really…ONE TERM. . Only because we can’t afford a recall election. ..1..ONE.

  6. Candi Evans-Alauria

    Why is this such a surprise? Finance can’t even get payroll done correctly. They either over pay one pay period then don’t bother saying anything at all, and then they decide to fix the problem by taking out the over payment from the following payroll making everyone having to scramble to find money to pay bills. Or they forget to pay some people holiday pay on a holiday pay period. No one is ever held accountable. Watch the new time keeping system will be to blame for future errors.

  7. assessor: You’re lucky Hobbs and weidamire are in the news or the tax payers would be lighting you up. ONE TERM!!

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