Parker man allegedly stabs two people in Big River

A Parker man was arrested for attempted murder in Big River, CA after two stabbing victims were located by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

At around 1:05 p.m. on Thursday, deputies from the Sheriff’s Colorado River Station responded to the report of a stabbing in the 7100 block of Nokomis Trail. Prior to the deputies’ arrival they located a male victim, walking down Del Rey Drive, with multiple stab wounds to his torso and head. He was taken by ambulance to La Paz Regional Medical Center and later airlifted to West Valley Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

Deputies then discovered a second victim, a female, also on Nokomis Trail. The female had sustained multiple stab wounds to her neck and arms. The female victim was treated at La Paz Regional Medical Center too.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, during the investigation, deputies located the residence where the stabbing took place in the 7100 block of Papago Trail. They conducted an area check near the incident location and found a male subject matching the description of the suspect, at a residence on Arcata Trail.

The subject was detained and later identified as Marcus Huffman of Parker, Arizona. As a result of the investigation, Huffman was arrested for PC664/187 Attempted Murder and transported to the Needles Jail where he was booked.


  1. Lisa Conroy

    Boy what the heck is going on in Big River it’s like it’s falling apart

  2. Oh please….really…..No Big River is not falling a part…. This happens all over the country even in your neck of the woods….So keep your eyes open in Chama…..I’m more than sure your town has issues as well….lol leave Big River alone you don’t live here anymore Mama Chama……lmao

  3. Loretta Flaherty

    Holy shit I used to deliver pizzas way out there

  4. Marie DeLeon

    Michele Poirier-Couch hope all is well ????????????????????????????????

  5. Michelle Fisher

    Desiree Hartt ya but they have to go that far.. I guess its not as far as I nothing is there at big river

  6. Sammy Lassabe

    Wtf I live on Papago and that other street who was it!

  7. Johnny Monts

    Two blocks over from our place !

  8. Tommie Miller

    Jeremy Carter becareful at work

  9. Julie Maddox

    Wow, I think this might have been our neighbors?? Drugs I’m sure

  10. Penny Lynn

    Marcus Huffman… is he from there? Wow! Wtf

  11. Deniece Wooldridge

    Isn’t big river in SB county? Needles is probably the closet jail in the county

  12. Actually no holding jail in Needles, they go Barstow or San Bernardino for booking.

  13. Lorri- San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department told us he was booked in Needles.

  14. William Story

    Big river needs to be purged!!

  15. Sammy Lassabe

    Anyone know who was stabbed?

  16. Beverly Sager

    you better come home its getting wild down there

  17. Just as long as ######### survived everything is a.o.k.

  18. Vince Nelson

    Deniece Wooldridge SB handles Big River and Speedles is the nearest jail

  19. Just to clarify my previous remark, they can be booked in Needles (aka Needless) but are then sent to Victorville for holding.

  20. marcus huffman has been a danger to society for a long time he is ###### they keep letting him out he finally did it

  21. Does anyone know who were the victims……

  22. Candi Evans-Alauria

    Every law enforcement agency can only book in the jail of their jurisdiction. If the family has to travel to Needles to bail their stupid ass out they have no one to blame but the stupid ass himself.

  23. Y’all need to start Monday y’all own business fr the made this post wit false info first get y’all facts straight then post about it he is a tribal member wit rights

  24. I play with this weirdo on destiny everyday almost and yea he’s a menace to society, he can’t even put hamburger meat back in the damn fridge! The justice system has failed us.

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