Key La Paz County races too close to call

UPDATE: “We will process the remaining 576 ballots on Tuesday the 13th at the earliest and hopefully by Thursday the 15th at the latest. Thanks.” – Kevin Scholl, LPC Elections

Key local races in La Paz County were too close to call at the end of election night.

The first unofficial results were released late on Tuesday night, with ballots from all 11 precincts included in the count. But because they don’t include over 550 so-called ‘late early’ ballots – voters who cast their votes early, but close to election day – and provisional ballots – also still to be counted – the available results left some uncertainty as to what the final tally will be. By Parker Live’s estimate, there is around 11 percent left to count.

In the closely-watched race for Judge of the Superior Court, Karen Hobbs and Jessica Quickle faced off in an extremely close contest, which is still too close to call with less than 1 percent margin. Hobbs, the current Deputy County Attorney, was off to a good start in the earliest count, with more than 200 votes separating her from Quickle. By the last count of the night, in the unofficial tally (not including the 550 ballots mentioned earlier), Hobbs’s count was up to 1916 while Quickle had 1894.

The contest was opened up when Judge Matthew Newman announced his intention to retire after less than 2 years on the bench, leaving a small pool of candidates who could meet the strict criteria to run for the job. Hobbs beat out Daniel Terrell in the August primary by just 12 votes, less than a percentage point. Since then, she has suffered some hard public moments in court, with defeats in a couple of high profile homicide trials, while Quickle has managed to stay largely under the public radar. But support for Hobbs in the meantime has translated to votes, where she is now separated from Quickle by only 0.57 points. Final results will likely not be known until next Tuesday to Thursday.

Tiffany Dyer, who has been the acting Justice of the Peace for Precinct 6, will keep the job. After an easy win in the primary, she defeated Libertarian Kenneth MacFarland in Tuesday’s election with 78 percent of the vote, or 1966 to 558.

La Paz County officials were keen to find out the results of the county’s Proposition 402, which asked for a permanent raise to the expenditure limitation, allowing the county more ‘breathing room’ in its fiscal operations. This proposition makes permanent what the voters approved temporarily earlier this year. The unofficial tally by the end of the night was ‘Yes’ at 2322, ‘No’ at 2003. As with the other results, 550 more ballots will be added to the count, making a ‘Yes’ result very likely but not absolutely certain.

La Paz County’s pick for the U.S. Senate is Republican Martha McSally, but the statewide race is extremely close and cannot be called for either candidate tonight. The county also picked Paul Gosar for the U.S. House, Doug Ducey for Governor, Steve Gaynor for Secretary of State and Frank Riggs for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

As the county’s ballot-counting machine, ‘Daisy Sue’, cooled off after being run for several hours at the county boardroom, the fate of these key local races was still to be known. Parker Live will publish the final results when available, and you can watch our home page for any smaller updates through the week.


  1. Michael Bailey

    Congratulations to Tiffany.

  2. Cheryl Garcia

    So proud of you Tiffany Dyer!❤️❤️

  3. Can anyone please get more knowledge for us about why the votes counting takes that long because there was hardly any votes and with computers as they are in 2018 we should all know by now who won.

  4. Congratulations Tiffany… we knew you could do it!!!

  5. Ambrose8 Burford, though computers are used at the polls now several people choose to use paper ballots, early ballots and drop early ballots in the box at the poll. Then there is such a process for provisional ballots to be counted. These provisionsnal ballots must be scrutinized to make sure no one voted more than once. They also include those who have address changes not reported to the county. With the race being so close 1 vote can change the election result for a candidate.So there in a nutshell is why final count is delayed.

  6. Parker Live

    “We will process the remaining 576 ballots on Tuesday the 13th at the earliest and hopefully by Thursday the 15th at the latest. Thanks.” – Kevin Scholl, LPC Elections

  7. Give us a break. You can count 4800 ballots by hand in less than 24 hours. Unless it’s done by 90 year old people with bad eyesight, and crippled fingers.

  8. So proud of you! Love Mom and Dad

  9. The two most important decisions for the county, both with very clear, obvious choices, but to close to call!

  10. Gregg D. Sciotto

    Looking forward to working with you Judge Dyer.

  11. My condilences to the elections dept, but I am not buying what is bein sold to us citizens, in that it should not take 7 or more days to count 576 votes and that is hogwash. Ms. Hobbs and Ms. Quickle should be co-judges and share in the money and that would be the fair thing to do, From what I have heard they will both be outstanding and represent the county good.

  12. Paula Hunter

    Parker Live well that’s a travesty.

  13. Not all voters used computers, many still used paper ballots

  14. How nice, we now have a judge who couldn’t do right on a triple murder case as an attorney. Can’t wait to see what she’ll mess up in court behind the bench.

  15. The ballots were not being “counted”, they were being verified for count, a process that takes time. We were done verifying them yesterday. At this time, the count will be delayed until Thursday due to court challenges. Thank you for your patience.

  16. God had taken only 7days for creation and these votes are not counted yet in 7 hole days and it appears the ship has no capitan running it. Somehting is justnot right about this

  17. Megaladon destroyed Zenon with a Fracturinish Death Ray in on quadrillionth of a nano-second. What the hell is going on with these ballot shovelers? We need to wait another 10 hole days to dig into this election?

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