PHOTOS: Car ploughed through memorabilia store and into a church

A speeding driver hit an SUV carrying 3 children at a major intersection in Parker before ploughing through the front of a memorabilia retail store, out a side wall and into the front of a unit that houses a church and its thrift store.

Eyewitnesses told Parker Live that the vehicle, a white sedan, was coming through the town of Parker last Saturday night at a high rate of speed, with one report suggesting speeds in the 90 miles per hour range. Cops were reportedly in pursuit, with several patrol vehicles following.

Ashley Goodspeed, who was driving her mother-in-law’s Chevy Tahoe from Lake Havasu City to Blythe with her husband, 3 children and mother-in-law, was turning left at California Avenue when she became aware of the car headed in her direction.

“I saw this white blur coming straight towards me and then I realized what was happening,” she said.

The car approached the intersection and hit the Tahoe as it swerved onto California Avenue in a northeast direction.

“Everybody in my car is fine,” Ashley told Parker Live. “The police officers told us that he and his passenger were okay too. He was going at a very high rate of speed. There was two to three police cars that rushed past us after he hit us. Some bystanders came and checked on us to make sure that we were okay.”

Seatbelt bruising was the most significant injury reported by the passengers in the Tahoe.

The car then plunged into the small retail plaza where a retail store called ‘Gold Pan Dan’s Guns and Gold’ is located, and went through the front window of the memorabilia side of their store, out through a side wall and into the front of a second unit which has frontage in the alley, a church and its thrift store next door.

A bystander called David told us, “I saw a car come flying down the road and went like one foot in the air and lost traction coming down. It went into the two retail stores.”

The damage is extensive, with large repairs needed for both buildings and replacements of retail units and inventory on the inside. Many agencies responded and, some hours later, a tow truck pulled the car out and took it away.

The owner of Gold Pan Dan’s Guns and Gold, Kevin Shepherd, told Parker Live that he missed being hit by the vehicle by just 30 minutes, and had moved to the back of the unit. He heard what sounded like a bomb going off, he said, and when they figured out what was going on he saw one of the two vehicle occupants out walking around.

The car had left a hole in the side wall of Shepherd’s unit, had gone out the other side and landed in the worship space of the Upper Room Church, which occupies the unit next door. Photos show the car emerging into the room next to some nearby pews. Wood, flooring and ceiling have major damage.

The thrift store next door had a broken window only, and is open for business Tuesday through Friday 10am – 3pm.

In addition, a second church, the Christ Alive Apostolic Worship Center, sustained water damage.

The driver and his passenger are reportedly tribal and no information has been released by CRIT Police Department on the incident or information on any arrests made.

Guns & Gold is also open for business, and a GoFundMe page was set up by a third party to help Shepherd with associated costs.

Photos by Juanita Learn and Lawny Reese-Caracha

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  1. Torres Torres

    Jaycie Taylor who’s going to pay for damages ????????

  2. Miguel Flores

    Nobody’s gonna pay the driver was tribal he’ll get away with a slap on the wrist. Sad ????

  3. Anthony John Moody Nelson

    I don’t care who they are this was a serious offense and could have ended much worse. Why haven’t they released ANY information on why this even took place? This is unacceptable where is the accountability?

  4. Annie Liles

    I am glad everyone is OK. I suppose it is too much to hope that the driver of this particular car had insurance to cover the damages.

  5. Netera LeMaster

    Why dose seem like crit don’t release the names of people arrested

  6. Joe Lopez

    Of course CRIT won’t release any information, that’s because the tribe thinks they are untouchable by law enforcement. They will never be accountable for anything they do, regardless of injury or cost of damages to others property.

  7. Anthony John Moody Nelson

    Parker Live that amounts to the same thing… MAY have been arrested? There damn well should have been and some information given to the public instead of what appears to be an attempt to shield Tribal Members from repercussions. This paints CRIT in a bad light.

  8. Dustin Mooneyham

    They never get held accountable for their actions and they know it that’s why its usually the same people every time

  9. two in a week???????????????

  10. One. We haven’t reported this one in an article until now.

  11. Alyssa Montijo

    Im sure they’ll do jail time and also everyone should have insurance

  12. Alyssa Montijo

    Im sure insurance covers that

  13. Jaycie Taylor

    Doubt they’ll even be held responsible

  14. Torres Torres

    Haha I know insurance is cover it. But it’s the suspect’s responsibility

  15. Jaycie Taylor

    IF they even had insurance

  16. Joe Lopez

    Like I said, ENTITLEMENT!

  17. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    Dustin Mooneyham then sue Crit for negligence.

  18. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    Torres Torres and the business insurance rate could increase.

  19. Tiana Hallett

    Cristi Gomez I thought for sure they were trying to rob them. I was way wrong.

  20. Dustin Mooneyham

    ???? ya like that could happen

  21. I am glad everyone is ok. But I wanted to see a picture of the driver in cuffs. ????

  22. Matt Boswell

    Business insurance doesn’t cover collectibles. They will most likely go out if business.

  23. This guy was out of jail a few days after this happened. Also, he was extremely drunk, it’s lucky no one died but it makes you wonder how many more times it’s going to happen before someone does.
    If you all are looking for justice, don’t hold your breath.

  24. Danny Crayton

    This town is a joke! It’s sad to say when it comes to keeping criminals behind bar.

  25. Candi Evans-Alauria

    Alyssa Montijo what insurance? The car insurance? I don’t believe the driver was the owner of the car. And even if he was the car insurance most likely will not cover damages as the vehicle was used in a criminal act. Ya all think insurance covers everything. News flash, it don’t. The businesses should of had the proper amount of insurance on their product inventory and the building owners insurance may cover the damages of the building but most likely raise their insurance premiums.

  26. Candi Evans-Alauria

    Alyssa Montijo what makes you so sure they’ll do jail time?

  27. Ploughed?

    You’re in the Colonies now, John.

  28. Jane Kendall

    It’s the Courts that are the problem.

  29. Danny Crayton

    Joe Sena it’s both. It’s only a matter of time until the Government gets involved. Then it’s who’s fault?

  30. The problem is that the Tribes have what is call Blanket Immunity and do not have to answer to the state, county, town or the community. The only ones that they answer to is the Federal Government and only if forced to. They also under Federal Law, only have the power to arrest and charge for misdemeanors in tribal court. The only time that a tribal member is charged with a felony is if the FBI and Federal Circuit Court does so. The C.R.I.T. Law and Order Code punishment for murder is a maximum of 1 year in jail. The tribes also does not want any cases go make it to the Supreme Court to challenge the blanket immunity, because members of the court have voiced their opinion against blanket immunity and would likely revoke it nation wide as it has proven to be a major issue in many jurisdictions throughout the country. This scares them to loose this protection and have to be responsible for their and their members actions like every other citizen in this country.

  31. We are the ones the guys hit traveling 90-100 mph. Our insurance company is making us pay the $1,000 deductible because the Police won’t give a report or the names of the individuals to the insurance company. So we are victims twice. Could have killed my family, wrecked the vehicle and the Police don’t seem to care.

  32. Larry Allen

    We are the ones they hit while being chased thru town at 90-100 mph. Now we are victims again, our insurance company is going to make us pay the $1,000 deductible since the Police won’t release the names to the insurance company. This guy could have killed people. Who cares if they are tribal, they need to be held accountable.

  33. Torres Torres

    I told you. It should be public record but tribes have different laws. I would request a report

  34. Larry Allen

    I have but was told everything would be redacted because of an on going investigation. They should put their pictures in the paper or maybe change the laws so that if the CRIT slaps their hand then they are liable for our damages.

  35. Larry Allen

    Why chase them thru town that fast….don’t they have radios? Hard to out run a radio…call ahead use spike strips or road blocks.

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