Boat crashes into both shores, two sent to hospital

A boat crashed into both the Arizona and California sides of the Colorado River north of Parker, AZ on Friday evening, sending two occupants to hospital.

According to law enforcement, the pontoon boat was traveling southbound on the Arizona side of the Parker Strip south of the Keys II subdivision, when it struck a rocky peninsula. The occupants were thrown to the floor of the boat, and the boat throttle locked, sending the boat accelerating toward the opposite side of the river.

The boat crashed into another watercraft and a sea wall on the shoreline of a California-side resort, ejecting a 23-year old woman from the boat. She was taken to Havasu Regional Medical Center. A male occupant was airlifted to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.


  1. Terilyn Gary

    Didnt know pontoons went that fast

  2. we were out there and saw this pontoon going very very fast down river….i commented i’d never seen a pontoon go that fast!!!

  3. Brian Hillman

    Playcraft will move.. that sucks

  4. Joan Bacon


  5. Julie Brogna McWilliams

    We rent that spot every summer. That is where my patio table goes

  6. Beverly L Bonney

    ???? hope no one was seriously injured

  7. Mia Pesanti Clark

    The driver had some type of medical emergency on the water that caused this accident. They haven’t stated what happened as of yet. Praying all involved are going to be okay.

  8. We were right by the rocks they hit. They were going full speed flying that pontoon boat. Crazy no one else was injured.

  9. Raquel Porter VanderMolen

    this happened right in front of us! Hit those rocks next door. It was horrible. Jack, mike and several others had just pulled into the marina in our boat, not 30 seconds before this happened. They could have been t-boned, he was hauling ass and out of control, going the wrong way.

  10. Flew one to Vegas.. that’s serious

  11. Stephanie Leivas

    Wow I haven’t been home to Paler in along time. The river is still a dangerous place to be.

  12. Alan Stevens

    Driving on the wrong side of the river…see it so much on the strip now days

  13. Sherry Smith

    I do live there the boat came right between our R V and our neighbors

  14. Jackie Kedney-Balich

    Liz Lopez Simon this is what happened:(

  15. Both have been seriously treated for multiple injuries…hesd, vertebra., broke leg and ribs +++. Yes serious injuries.

  16. In which parks on the Arizona and California side did the accident happen?

  17. Jane Boermans

    I don’t think the story works but time will tell.

  18. He had re-engined it with a much large and more powerful engine. Ended up in Riverland and if it hadn’t wrapped around the palm tree the boat would have impaled itself deep in a trailer where a lady was sleeping.

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